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About Us - Block Farm

About Us

Welcome to Blockfarm! This about us page portrays and carefully explains what we do on this site. So, kindly read through this about us page. This about us page explains every detail about our site services that you require to know. This includes our vision, mission, what is not obtainable, and what is. You will also see our editorial team and their contributions to the site.


Here at Blockfarm, we aim to enlighten every crypto enthusiasts on the best approaches to take toward the crypto sphere. Knowing that with every passing course of time more and more people find interest in investing in cryptocurrency. As they find it lucrative and safe.

So, we support the key aim of cryptocurrency fixing the common issues related to traditional currencies. Furthermore, we aim to stop misleading information that has led to people falling victim in the crypto sphere. Examples include;

  • Sending their crypto assets to the wrong wallets
  • Being victims of financial fraud through crypto. Etc…

Since we know that these digital currencies serve as an asset and ensure the security of the investment of the currency holders.


We envisage becoming one of the top crypto-creating awareness platforms online. Also, we aim to reduce victims of crypto fraud or ill-crypto transactions.

The crypto space is moving so quickly. So the vision is of a world where everyone can do indisputable and secure transactions.

What We Don’t Do?

We ensure not to give visitors misleading information about any cryptocurrency. We would also not falsely educate you about anything on this website. So, we either deliver as required or will avoid that which will cripple our online reputation.

What Do We Do?

We provide relevant crypto and educational information and answer questions from queries online. We have a team of professional traders and scholars making this possible.

Hence, we also ensure visitors sees each piece of content in a meaningful narrative that will make even a layman understand any tedious theories.

Team Members

The vision we bear in mind will become possible through the contributions of several hands including you using the site. However, we introduced some of our core contributors below;

Francis (Kiticat)


I am the the owner of Blockfarm.club I am a crypto enthusiast and an investor. So I have a good knowledge about cryptocurrency.

Emmanuel Alexander Okpara

Content Manager

I am a technical analyst and trader both in FX and crypto. Also I’m an experienced SEO content developer