Top 15 Best Music Schools 2023

Humans created music lengthy before the beginning of recorded history, but distinguishing music from sounds is a a tough task. Sounds exist all around us, But occasionally sounds are put together in intentional ways to create a a precise climate or to articulate emotions. So, we have listed the top 15 Best music Schools to help you know how music is created and how you can create yours.

Music has been in existence for thousands of years, and has been made by cultures round the world.


Best music schools exist in innumerable countries whose goal is to identify, assist youths with outstanding potential, to benefit from world-class professional training as part of a a wide and balanced education, which will encourage them, to proceed towards self nurturing careers in music.


Music has a  tremendous effect on people’s mood, their creativeness, their profession, as well as well-being. Music relieves, and beautifies life in various ways. This is why immersing yourself in the promising music education is the best decisions to make in life. The benefits of Attending the best music school include:

1. Music  School Teaches Discipline

Music education boosts self -esteem. It can effectively help overcome performance tension and help people in various orbs in life. Managing your program around music method will teach you to set your preferences and lessen stress.

2. Music School is Social

Music School is social at its exceptional essence. It is where one goes, come upon different personalities, mingle with various people, learn various languages in music and many others.

3. Music School Enforces Brain development

Melodious songs have enabled comfortable assimilation. Memorizing music wires the brain circuit in a specific ways. Memory can be enhanced when usual songs are linked with objects, pictures, and activities.

4. It Brings happiness

Music gives an emotional equilibrium. It brings happiness and an expression of inner joy. It relaxes and makes one positive towards life. Unhappiness can cause depression.

The impacts of music exposure are not limited to becoming a great instrumentalist or famous singer.

5. It Improves Motor skills

Motor skills are used every day of our lives. They are crucial skills that help us move and do everything. These skills reinforce the muscles and increase your youth’s coordination

Having good motor control will help one scour the world around him/her, which can help in many areas of development. Many instruments require the use of the hand, fingers, leg, and some parts of the body. example of such an instrument is the piano. Which requires the combination of eyes for sight-reading notes, fingers on both hands for making rhythms, and the feet for playing the piano pedals.

6. It Boosts Self-esteem

Music school gives people the benefit of appearing in the public for presentation at a youthful age.  It is regular to have stage fright but consistency eradicates fear.

Public presentation is a crucial skill that boosts self-confidence.

The Impact of Music to The Society

The Society is easily swayed by music. It affect how we feel, think and act in unexpected ways sometimes. Raising someone’s mood and getting them excited. As such, the benefits of music to the society include:

1. Reconciliation Between Cultures

Music has the power to alter one’s mood, change perceptions, and inspire change. While everyone has a personal relationship with music, its effects on the culture around us may not be immediately apparent. It has shaped cultures and societies around the world, passed down from generation to generation. When people from one culture exchange music with each other, they gain valuable insight into another way of life.

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2. Social Interaction

When talking about a group of people, music is an instrument of cohesion and a great help, as it develops individual cognitive functions that facilitate communication and, on the other hand, can unite people with similar tastes or, for example, facilitate a topic of conversation. Music helps us relate and create similarities in groups.

3. Aiding Communication

Humans often feel that “no one understands them” or knows how they “truly feel.” Many resort to music to find connections with others to express themselves or find a sense of understanding among peers. Music has the power to connect with and influence people in a way that feels fundamentally different from other forms of communication.

4. A Therapy

Music therapy is a type of therapy that uses music as an aid in certain disorders to establish physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Music therapy is often used to improve attention and memory, and can have a positive effect on those suffering from dementia Music has the potential to be a powerful healing tool in a variety of ways

5. A Universal Language

Many people believe that music is a universal language. This means that, regardless of what country someone is from, they will be able to understand and enjoy a song without knowing the lyrics. Since music doesn’t rely on words, it has the ability to connect two different cultures in a way that no other form of communication can. Music can break down boundaries, even where people don’t speak the same language.

6. A Form of Entertainment and Art

Music has been used as a way to express oneself throughout history. Music can be a great outlet for people to express themselves.

Top 15 Best School and a Brief Introduction About Them

#1. The Juilliard School

The Juilliard School is world leader in performing arts education, Juilliard was established in 1905. This school’s mission is to give the highest level of education to gifted musicians across the world. It offers both graduate and undergraduate programs in music. Here are Instruments, Vocal Arts, Jazz studies, Historical Performance, Composition, Orchestral conducting. As mentioned on the school’s website, there are over 800 artists enrolled. These artists are from 44 US states and 42 countries and regions. The school consists of top-notch musicians as faculty. Each faculty trains significantly fewer students, which gives personalized attention to students.

The best thing about this school is that it allows its students to perform in front of a live audience. Students here performing in about 700 events sponsored by the school. It takes place in school spaces such as Paul Recital Hall, Morse Hall, etc.

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#2. New England Conservatory of Music

The New England of Music Conservatory is one of the oldest private music schools in the USA, founded in 1903. It devotes itself to teaching the highest level of excellence to its students. The school nurtures students with creative growth and artistic sensibility. NEC offers various programs that are undergraduate, graduate, diploma, dual degree, and certificate programs. Here you can learn brass, strings, woodwinds, vocal performance, composition, etc.

There are 400 musician faculties in the school. The faculties in the schools are very well experienced and experts in their respective fields. NEC has various spaces where students can perform music.

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#3. Curtis Institute of Music

Founded in 1924, Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia is one of the world’s top-notch music institutes. This school’s mission is to orient and enlighten the young gifted musicians that will engage the community, both locally and globally, with the highest artistry level. The school follows the philosophy of “learn by doing”; thus, it focuses more on practicing. The number of students it takes is much less, which provides very personalized attention from faculties. The school has various programs like composition, conduction, Woodwinds, String, Harp, etc.

The most important thing which makes this institute unique is the free tuition.

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#4. Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music was founded in 1945 and has remained one of the most outstanding institutes for Contemporary Music. The college offers you both graduate and undergraduate degrees. The college also provides 12 weeks online courses in music. In this institute, you can pursue a Bachelor of Music (BM) in Music composition, Jazz composition, Music therapy, Music Production and Engineering, etc.

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The faculties in Berklee are award-winners, experts, and very active in their field. Students get the very personalized attention of these faculties. The college has modern performance space, a high-tech recording studio, and other latest technology. Students here are from over 95 different countries.

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#5. Yale School of Music

Yale School was established in 1894, Yale is another best music school in the world. The mission of Yale is to prepare exceptional students who will serve the profession and society. YSM offers graduate degrees Master of Music, Master of Musical Arts, and Doctor of Musical Arts. You can learn various instruments here like Brass, Guitar, Harp, Harpsichord, Organ and much more. You can also learn Conduction and Composition.

Faculties in Yale are the ones with world acclaim for their compositions, performances, and scholarship.

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#6. The University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music:-

This School was founded in 1884, the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music always ranks in the top 1% in the USA. It’s the oldest cultural institution in Los Angeles that is still operating. For Los Angeles, This school is the most significant cultural resource. The school proposes different degrees in Classic performance and composition, Contemporary music, research, scholarly studies, and other programs.

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#7. The Royal Academy of Music

The Royal Academy of Music is one of London’s best music schools, established in 1822. The school strives to move music ahead with musicians of successive generations of musicians to build, relate, and collaborate. The academy provides both undergraduate and graduate programs. There is various program categorized in four sections, Performance, Conduction, Composition, and Research.

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#8. Royal College of Music

The Royal College of Music is the leading  performing arts institute in the UK, founded in 1883. Royal school has trained many renowned names of the music world. The college provides undergraduate, graduate, and research degrees. The college have 850 enrolled students from 55 countries to study these degrees. The faculties in the college have a reputation across the globe. These faculties help to unlock the creative potential among the students.

Royal also provides scholarships to the student.

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#9. Oberlin Conservatory of Music

Was founded in 1865, Oberlin Conservatory of Music is one of the oldest in the USA. They provide graduate, artist diploma, performance diploma, and others. You will get a  vast assortment of categories to study like, musicology, music theory, jazz theories, etc. Every year, the school arranges hundreds of live performances. The school also helps you for your career after graduation. It will furnish you with one-on-one mentoring, comprehensive professional development, which will help you prevail after graduation.

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#10. Conservatoire de Paris (Paris Conservatory)

The next on our list of Best music Schools was, Established in 1795, Paris Conservatory is the first music conservatory in France. The Conservatory’s policy is creation, research, and openness to the public. The conservatory offers artist diplomas, Masters, and Doctorates. Here, you can learn Jazz, Vocal, Early Music, Instruments, Composition, and conduction. The conservatory also arranges concerts, seminars, conferences that are open to all.

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#11. Muson School of Music, Lagos

The Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON) was founded in 1983 as a result of the interaction and commitment of some friends who love and appreciate classical music.

The main objective of MUSON is the promotion of the understanding, enjoyment, and performance of classical and contemporary music in Nigeria. The Society runs a basic school as well as a government-accredited School of Music which, among others, provides quality music education up to the professional level.

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The School’s Diploma program alumni, now numbering over 300, increasingly constitute the bulk of young music professionals in Nigeria where they work as teachers in schools, performers in orchestras, entrepreneurs in the music industry, etc. Others have gone on to pursue higher education in music in American, European, and South African Universities.

The School is Located at 8/9, MARINA ROAD, ONIKAN LAGOS, NIGERIA.

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#12. University of Music & Performing Arts

This school was founded in 1817, the University of Music & Performing Arts is the oldest music institution ever and the largest in Austria. The principle of MDW is “freedom of art, science, and teaching.”

This is one if the best music schools with 3000 plus students. The university provides graduation, undergraduate, and diploma program, and many more. Here you can learn instrumental studies, voice and voice performance, music education, and research areas.

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#13. Norwegian Academy of Music

Founded in 1973, the Norwegian Academy of Music is the finest music academy in Norway. The academy’s mission is to help its students attain their fullest prospect by providing the highest quality music education. The academy provides undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs. You can do these programs in Composition, Church Music, Traditional Folk Music, etc. The college has a concert hall, recording studio and many other facilities.

Every year, It organizes over 400 concerts , which consist of both in-house and city venue concerts.

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#14. Tonality Music International, Lagos

Tonality Music International is a Lagos-based music company mainly into Music Consulting, Music Schools, Music Production, ethnomusicology, and seminars on Worship and music. This institution provides the services of various programs that would be of curiosity to all students. Based on their constant research and innovation, Tonality Music School trains her students from both national and international projection, focused on capturing the real essence of music.

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#15. Moscow Imperial Conservatory

The Moscow Imperial Conservatory is one of the oldest music institutions in Russia. Nikolai Rubinstein and Prince Nikolai PetrovitchTrobetzkoy founded the institute in 1866.The school provides an undergraduate program for a Music Composition degree.

This program concentrates on Music Composition, which includes music history, theory, and literature. The college motivates students to be imaginative and intellectual to become original composers.

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Faqs on Best music Schools

Where is the best place to study music?

  • The Juilliard School.
  • Berklee College of Music.
  • Yale School of Music.
  • New England Conservatory of Music.
  • University of Southern California Thornton School of Music.
  • Curtis Institute of Music.
  • The Royal Academy of Music.
  • Royal College of Music.

What's the most prestigious music school?

Juilliard School. Founded in 1905, the Juilliard School can easily be considered the most prestigious music conservatory in the country—and for good reason.

What is the oldest music school in the world?

The schola cantorum (papal choir) in Rome may be the first recorded music school in history, when Gregory the Great (540–604) made permanent an existing guild dating from the 4th century (schola originally referred more to a guild rather than school).

Who created the first music school?

Lowell Mason and George James Webb establish the Boston Academy of Music, the first school of higher musical education. 1837


The significance of music and Best music Schools can never be over-ridden.  It is like a medicine to our souls, light on our path, and a surest guide. Learning how music and social bonding are tied is especially important in times of conflict when other lines of communication prove to be challenging. Music, as a cultural right, may benefit in the promotion and protection of other human rights. It can help in the healing process, dismantling walls and boundaries, reconciliation, and education. Around the world, music is being used as a motor for social change and bringing communities together.

Music is incredibly valuable to society.  It helps bring people concurrently and has the extraordinary ability to represent a culture as a whole. It can also be used as a way to relax and showcase the special moments in one’s life. In addition, it can even enhance our workouts.

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