6 Different Ways You Can Benefit From Investing In Crypto

Cryptocurrency has beneficially contributed massively to many who know how best it works. While still many people seeking for best ways to invest and benefit from blockchain technology. Most people regularly feel frustrated hitting stop losses or even investing in the wrong crypto assets that devalue over time instead of increasing in value. So in this regard, to proffer many other solutions we have listed other good profitable ways you can benefit from investing in crypto.

Yes! This new wave of technology in blockchain holds many promising benefits. But that is if only you know how to go about it. However, bear in mind that this is not a get-rich-quick platform. Therefore, you have to carefully adopt good practices and measures to strive in the crypto sphere.


Meanwhile, for good directives, you can see other ways you can benefit from investing in crypto below.

Ways You Can Benefit From Investing In Crypto

#1. Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

First on the list of other preferred ways you can benefit from investing in crypto includes cryptocurrency arbitrage.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage entails making a profit from simultaneously buying a cryptocurrency from an exchange and selling it on a different one having a slightly higher price. If you check the price column in the crypto Markets list, they have slight differences between the prices on different exchanges.

#2. Buy or Trade a Cryptocurrency

You can as well simply buy and trade coins to benefit from crypto. Various exchanges will enable you to purchase or trade coins to keep in your digital currency wallet. Exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and Coinsbit offers a very perfect UI and easy navigation platform amongst other, to begin with if you have no related knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

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Whenever you’ve registered and verified your account you pay the market rate for the coin and afterward hold it until the right time to sell off. The aim is that the price goes up. Eventually, you need to ensure to use the right practices like the ones listed below;

  • Only invest what you’re willing to lose
  • Ensure to maintain a healthy crypto portfolio
  • Avoid investing based on hype
  • Start small, rather than big

#3. Mining Currency

Mining is an extraordinary method to acquire some crypto coins. Although, this doesn’t work for all digital currencies. Many people believe that to mine coins means gathering as many coins as possible for yourself. Nevertheless, the entire process goes beyond that.

Hence, when mining currency, a person uses his computer to address complex mathematical equations that authorize blocks of transactions. Thus, the blocks of transactions will now become built inside a protocol. As a protocol, the first person that approves it earns a part of the virtual token he validated.  

#4. Staking

Staking is another interesting way to invest in crypto. You simply just need to buy coins or tokens that en stake them to collect profits at a said interest rate interest while your capital remains untouched. They exist 2 fundamental strategies for approving blocks namely;

  • Proof of Work (PoW)
  • Proof of Stake (PoS)

While PoW requires users to mine the blocks and authorize the transactions through pure computational power, PoS works completely unexpectedly. In a Proof of Stake framework, they employ a deterministic approach to pick an individual that will affirm the production of another block, in light of the number of coins one already holds.

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#5. Make Cryptocurrency Dividends

Unlike staking, you can buy digital currency and hold them for a dividend. All things we have various virtual currencies that will pay you for essentially buying and holding their digital assets.

Furthermore, one of the best things about these coins providing a dividend to holders is one does not need to stake them in a particular wallet. Some examples of coins that deliver dividends include;

  • COSS
  • CEFF
  • NEO
  • KUCOIN, etc.

Comparable to conventional stocks, not all of these coins are appropriate for your portfolio. Thus, you’ll need to evaluate and choose what appears to line up with your investment objectives.  

#6. Investing in Companies with Crypto Interests

You can also benefit from crypto by investing in companies with crypto interests. Knowing that if Bitcoin increases in value, the value of Microstrategy’s stocks will increase as well.

We have given a few examples of publicly-traded companies that add blockchain technology to their business. Although they exist many of them out here but make reference to these few;

  • MicroStrategy (MSTR)
  • Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA)
  • RIOT Blockchain (RIOT)
  • Bitfarms (BITF)
  • Galaxy Digital (BRPHF)
  • Tesla (TSLA)
  • PayPal (PYPL)
  • Square (SQ)

Frequently Asked Questions About Different Ways You Can Benefit From Investing In Crypto

What should you know before trading cryptocurrency?

Before trading crypto, you have to consider many things. This also includes the fact that they exist numerous exchanges, ways to trade, and coins on the market. Prospective traders should also note that fees and charges may be involved, and that crypto is a highly volatile asset class.

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Is cryptocurrency a good investment?

Yes, cryptocurrency can be a worthwhile investment and has numerous benefits for investors. It is, however a speculative investment. Thus, involves many risks. Therefore, investors should do their homework before venturing into the market.

What are the benefits of holding crypto?

If you buy and hold a limited amount of cryptocurrencies it helps you to reduce the risk of losing your entire investment in case the price of the coins suddenly drops. Thus, allowing you to take advantage of market volatility. You can as well take advantage of market trends to maximize your profits.

What is the correct way to invest in crypto?

We have listed numerous great ways to benefit from investing in crypto you can read the article to see great options. Meanwhile if you want to learn how to buy crypto, check here


Finally, they exist many ways you can expose your portfolio to cryptocurrency without actually purchasing coins. However, do this with caution and use the same safe approach you would with any other speculative investment and you will sure tap from all the profitable ways you can benefit from investing in crypto.

Meanwhile know that none of the stocks or specialized ETFs mentioned here have a full guarantee to go up at all, and may experience increased volatility, similar to what is found in crypto markets themselves. More so, just like any other crypto investment, you should be ready to accept the risks attributed to it. If you can’t, then try mutual or index funds.

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