Best Hardware Wallets To Use In 2023

With cryptographic assets and different forms of money on the rise, and becoming more standard and incorporating with the worldwide economy. One will eventually, need a protected spot to store their crypto funds. Yes, you can store cryptographic assets in different ways. However, one of the safest ways to do this includes using a Hardware wallet. Thus, we’ve arranged the best hardware wallets to use in 2023 herein.

Meanwhile, unlike stock financiers, you can withdraw your crypto assets and store them in secured platforms either online or offline. The best crypto wallets make the platform easy to navigate, thus, simple for clients to store their portfolios.


However, at some point along the line, the crypto world can seem intimidating. Therefore, to help you we’ve put together a guide to the best hardware wallets to use in 2023. Here, we’ve discussed varieties of crypto wallets and offered recommendations for beginners and experts alike.

What Is a Hardware Wallet?

A cryptocurrency hardware wallet consists of either a device, physical medium, program, or service which aids to stores the public and/or private keys for cryptocurrency transactions. More so, apart from its basic function of storing the keys of transactions, a cryptocurrency/hardware wallet often also offers the functionality of encrypting and/or signing information. 

Furthermore, crypto hardware wallets can take many structures, like physical hardware or software introduced on your cell phone, PC, or in the cloud. While non-custodial software or wallet applications offer more command over computerized resources, which is the reason we take a glance at the best hardware wallets for 2023.

However, before choosing a crypto hardware wallet to use, you have to consider some factors. Whether you require a hot wallet (stores your crypto assets on the web) or a cold wallet (Detached from the web, thereby offering additional protection from hackers).

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Nonetheless, you essentially need crypto wallets for purchasing, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrency safely. Whether software or hardware, crypto wallets give dedicated and trusted wallet development services.

Additionally, note that we’ve mentioned the wallets here based on the following categories;

#1. Wallet Features

The wallet features are attributes to the overall suitability of the wallet. Therefore we’ve listed wallets with additional capacities, tradable resources, outlines, and many more.

#2. Cost:

The cost of wallets effectively relies upon the kind of wallet. Hot wallets may not cost anything however we are inclined toward cold wallets which are valued over hot wallets with trades that have a lower exchange rate.

#3. Safety:

You should consider safety as one of the top concerns while looking at crypto wallets in 2023. Therefore, we leaned toward wallets with two-factor validation, biometrics, open-source code, and solid security conventions while managing transactions. Meanwhile, a good safety tip includes using a VPN whenever you make transactions online to protect your data.

Top Hardware Wallets To Use In 2023

We have listed the top crypto hardware wallets you can choose from below to store your crypto assets. They include;

#1. Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro includes one of the more famous and best crypto wallets in the U.S… Thus, it enables the world to exchange great cryptographic forms of money like Ethereum and Bitcoin extremely simply.

Furthermore, Coinbase Pro has a natural point of interaction with the Coinbase trade. Therefore, making it simple to buy tokens and coins. This cryptographic hardware wallet is the non-custodial type. This implies that you can reach your wallet’s confidential key, created when you sign up.

Additionally, this hardware wallet offers low charges and commission on transaction. While it also allow the use of several platforms like Visa-supported debit card, Google and Apple play.

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#2. Exodus

Exodus falls among one of the most incredible crypto hardware wallets for desktops. It offers fast transaction speeds, a great deal of assistance, and usability.

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Furthermore, it has an outwardly engaging point of relations and provides iOS mobile applications. Exodus looks viable and comparable with a popular crypto equipment wallet Trezor.

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#3. Ledger Nano X

We have selected Ledger Nano X as one of the best crypto hardware wallets to use in 2023. Ledger started in 2014 and seems like the earliest organization to offer a crypto hardware wallet. Then, they released the Ledger Nano S in particular.

Meanwhile, Nano X looks like a USB drive, and the device interfaces through Bluetooth or USB. You can connect it to your Android or iOS device without the need for a PC.

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#4. Mycelium

Mycelium is one of the best crypto hardware wallets to explore in 2023. This open-source crypto app development has support from Bitcoin. Mycelium falls among one of the most outstanding wallets for mobile and coordinates with a crypto equipment wallet that permits you to monitor transaction charges.

Founded in 2008, Mycelium provides an underlying trade and a modernized UI. However, it only supports limited coins namely, ETH, Bitcoin, and ERC-20 tokens.

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#5. Electrum

Electrum includes one of the most excellent digital crypto wallets for Bitcoin. Established in 2011, Electrum has vast security features which you can easily and entirely adapt to.

Thus, Electrum is lightweight and you can set it up in only a couple of moments, and occupies next to no room.

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#6. eToro

Founded in 2007, eToro is presently accessible in 43 U.S. states. eToro falls among the top world’s driving social exchange platforms. It’s our best pick for a very secure mobile wallet for crypto.

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Interestingly, eToro offers a very low spread and charges no commissions.

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The Trezor One wallet is a non-custodial cold storage crypto wallet for storing your Cryptocurrency. It is among one of the first crypto hardware wallets and is seen as truly outstanding and generally secure.

Hence, Established in 2014, Trezor has also added an in-wallet exchange service, therefore making it an exceptionally helpful strategy to safely keep your digital currencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Hardware Wallet To Use In 2023

Can hardware wallets store any crypto?

No hardware wallets can’t just store any crypto. Different hardware wallets support different specific cryptocurrencies. For instance, Ledger wallets can only store the private keys to approximately 5,500 crypto assets. While the COLDCARD Mk4 wallet can only store the private keys to your Bitcoin.

Which is the most secure hardware wallet?

From historical reviews, one of the best wallets having the best security track record includes the Ledger wallet.

Thus, no one has ever hacked a Ledger wallet from records. However, researchers have discovered vulnerabilities in older versions of the COLDCARD wallet and the Trezor Model One. Although the wallet team has addressed the vulnerability.

Which hardware wallet supports the most coins?

Over the records of reviewed hardware wallets, Ledger’s wallet support over 5,500 coins, tokens, and NFTs. Thus, putting its nose in front of the competition.


Finally, with such an assortment of cryptocurrency wallets to pick from, you have to significantly pick one in light of your singular needs. Specifically, you have to reach out to a cryptocurrency app development company, that can provide the best in class for your crypto project. To support you a bit we took the time to provide you a glance at various best hardware wallets to use in 2023. Interestingly, we’ve put together them with great regards to security, cost, and usefulness.

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