Decentraland vs Enjin: Everything You Need To Know

The construction of more cutting-edge platforms and technologies that create a useful decentralized environment for gaming and generating money as well has caused the gaming business in the cryptocurrency area to experience a stormy tide. One would be astounded by such breakthroughs when considering initiatives like Decentraland and Enjin. But looking at Decentraland vs. Enjin, what is still unknown?

Decentraland vs Enjin
Decentraland vs Enjin

This content was quickly put up by the blockfarm team. It tries to convey a thorough grasp of Decentraland and Enjin inclusively on how the two platforms coexist as separate, well-established entities.

Decentraland (Overview)

Decentraland, a 2D precursor of the current technique, was introduced in 2015. The platform has expanded in order to become something bigger and more reliable. Although, based on their roadmap, there is still a ton of possibility for expansion going forward.

Decentraland stands out from the competition because it’s made exclusively for companies, content producers, and individuals looking for newer platforms. Such platforms serve for creative expression, amusement, or commercial potential.

An NFT represents each of the 90,601 unique land units that make up the Decentraland gaming universe. Each patch of property in the metaverse can be discovered at specific locations and theoretically comprises 16 square meters.

Owners of land are free to build anything they choose on their plot, although the Decentraland metaverse is split equally into many locales with various themes and scales. These locations are the result of MANA token single transactions.

Owners of MANA are in charge of proposing and debating on potential system improvements. Thus, including the categories of material that are allowed in the metaverse, and the specifics of land sales. Some Decentraland network members sell their property for MANA tokens, while others advertise and lease their land as a means of income.

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More On Decentraland

The first digital environment on the Ethereum platform that allow customers develop, test, and monetize content apps was Decentraland. Similarly to the other platforms, Decentraland’s decentralized structure enables users to monetize content created with basic building equipment and software application packages for more experienced individuals.

However, Decentraland isn’t a game designed to run on multiple platforms or portable devices. Additionally, the media production inside the metaverse is for individuals with expertise in making graphic content. In the blockchain ecosystem, the Decentraland circuit is so highly regarded that separate businesses like Matic but also Decentral Games run various games there. Countless internet events are also held in the Decentraland Metaverse.

The 3 kinds of tokens that Decentraland offers are LAND, WEAR, including MANA which comprises up digital real estate market. The authorized money of Decentraland is called MANA, also used to rent or buy digital land known as LAND.

A smart contract built to the ERC-721 standard approved, and stored in the blockchain underpins this operation. Accessories and other items classified as WEAR can also be purchased with MANA. Decentraland’s capacity to depict actual scenarios, like the Coinfest Seminar, where the system may have the greatest influence, is one of its most significant achievements.

Enjin (Overview)

The Enjin system was created for blockchain games. Enjin can easily create games on blockchain systems because of its environment. The development, distribution, management, and integration of blockchain assets within games are the main focuses of the Enjin platform.

Enjin is centred on developing an interface that enables programmers to release various sorts of content, as opposed to doing so inside a unified metaverse, unlike previous forerunners. Since each member of the Enjin group hails from a distinct country or region, the group is decentralized.

Since Enjin’s 2009 inception, the network has created over 52 million blockchain commodities. To develop new services for the gaming audience, Enjin has collaborated with a number of the best names in the business, like Unity, BGA, Galaxy Samsung, Godot, and many others.

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The Enjin platform also has a comprehensive archive of games to repurpose to build skills, make money from content, and form coalitions with some of the best players in the industry.

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Tokenomics Analytics Of Decentraland To Enjin

834 million ENJ tokens are now in circulation, and Enjin has a market value of over $1.11 billion ($1.32 billion when completely diluted). The market capitalization of Decentraland is $1.16 billion ($1.50 total equity market valuation), with a circulating quantity of $1.69 million MANA tokens.

The pricing effectiveness of the program has been highly correlated. This illustrates how both are in the 10 largest NFT projects. According to recent market data, both ventures had very large price gains in Q1 2021 until a decline in value in Q2 2021.

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Decentraland Vs Enjin (Differences)

  • Enjin provides a wider comprehensive “end-to-end” selection of NFT products. With a lot of versatility, limitless NFTs can be created, held on the system’s own Ethereum wallet, or “hoisted” to a program’s supporters using QR codes.
  • Considering the land tokens set at roughly 90,000 units, Decentraland has a stricter restriction on NFTs. Scarcity and price inflation are caused by this.
  • Decentraland provides more ways to monetize your system, such as sales revenue, real estate trading, graphics design, or perhaps entry charges to your virtual properties.
  • Decentraland’s main product is virtual real estate. Industry professionals anticipate very considerable growth prospects for this area.

Similarities Between Decentraland And Enjin

#1. Native token backed.

Both initiatives take advantage of native tokens, that are utilized to support or buy NFTs. Although Enjin’s token is ENJ, Decentraland’s is MANA. Several of the coins are exchangeable for cash or other cryptocurrencies, connecting the worth of NFTs on the system to actual fiat money.

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#2. Brand name partnerships.

Both initiatives have formed strategic alliances with well-known companies. This comprises BMW’s Vantage Scheme and Microsoft’s Azure Heroes collection in the instance of Enjin. Equivalent connections have been made between Decentraland and Atari, who intends to own virtual property in the Decentraland universe.

#3. Established brands.

Both initiatives have a lengthy history. This has made it possible for them to create sophisticated goods and draw sizable fanbases. Furthermore, both initiatives have an extremely comparable market valuation, which I shall go into greater detail about later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I put money into Decentraland or the sandbox?

The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that oversees the digital world of Decentraland receives this charge. Winner: Decentraland is the preferable option if you chose to pay cheaper rates. However, having paid the additional Sandbox price can be worthwhile based on the events you wish to participate in.

Does enjin merit purchase?

Just like most similar cryptocurrencies, Enjin Coin is a hazardous investment. Because of the strong team, robust utilize case, thoughtful tokenomics, enthusiastic audience, and well-designed token economy, it does stand a higher chance of moving upwards than downwards.

What makes Decentraland so fantastic?

Compared to the majority of its rivals, Decentraland is a lot simpler to get started with. You may even use a browser window to run it. Although purchasing virtual goods or real estate is the main draw for many players, the game is indeed entirely available for free.


Having examined the two blockchain gaming networks, it is difficult to decide which is the finest because each metaverse exhibits unique aspects that make it outstanding. Among Enjin as well as Decentraland i.e Decentraland vs enjin, Enjin is unique in that it is centred on a different area of the Metaverse.

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