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Top 10 Free FEMA Online Courses 2023

Top 10 Free FEMA Online Courses 2023

In the advent of several catastrophic events and hazardous occurrences in the world, several measures were taken many years ago. FEMA, an establishment that is projected to such happenings and how they can be controlled has paved way for like-minded individuals. They relayed their free FEMA online courses that individuals can enroll in to attain the needed knowledge and skill set to tackle the continuously evolving crisis.

Therefore, this article, compiled by our research team at block farm is aimed at providing the needed information on getting started with FEMA and the readily available free courses to be taken.


FEMA (Overview)

From 1979, this same Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has served as the Federal Government’s primary agency for handling emergency situations and helping the country recover after them. FEMA has improved only on well over two hundred years of Federal engagement in catastrophes throughout its existence. Realizing this history helps us support our residents and first responders in a more effective way so that we may work as a nation to increase our capacity to foresee, prevent, reduce, and respond to any threats.

Our initiatives’ scope and scale have evolved over the last 31 years. However, by introducing additional missions & organizations, transferring duties as necessary, and developing into a crucial aspect of the Homeland Security Department, FEMA has adjusted to such structural as well as mission changes. Despite the changes to our mission and organizational structure, our staff continue to be motivated and inspired by the same core values. In addition, there is a strong willingness to help our country by supporting its citizens as well as first respondents, especially during times of crisis.

How To Apply For A FEMA Online Courses

  • If you haven’t already, apply for a Student Identification Number (SID). How do I get a FEMA SID?
  • Choose a program from our choice of courses.
  • By selecting a choice, review the course contents.
  • Go to the “Take Final Exam Online” hyperlink.
  • SID and any further student information should be included.
  • Examine the challenges then submit your responses.

Top 10 Free FEMA Online Courses

Below in this section entails the Open source FEMA online courses available;

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#1. An Introduction to Hazardous Materials

The goal of this Personal Study program is to give students a broad overview of hazardous materials that they can use as a starting point for subsequent, more in-depth study. Additionally, this training does not adhere to the HAZWOPER standard’s (29CFR1910.120(q)(6)) criteria for handling hazardous substances (i). This course consists of the five Units listed below. Thus, no prior expertise in the topic is necessary or assumed. The student should be able to do the following by the completion of the term:

  •  Describe how the environment and health restrictions are used by the federal, state, municipal, and tribal governments to reduce the dangers associated with hazardous materials;
  • Examine the two main approaches for identifying hazardous materials in use in the US;
  •  Recognize chances for terrorists to employ toxic industrial chemicals (TIC) as atomic weapons.etc
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#2. Building for the Earthquakes of Tomorrow

Numerous steps have been done since its Seismic Hazards Reduction Act was introduced in 1977 to increase seismic safety. An important Federal initiative to reduce seismic risk is Executive Order 12699, “Seismic Safety of Federal as well as Federally Assisted / Controlled New Construction Projects,” which President Bush approved in January 1990. All planned Federal, Publicly funded Assisted, as well as Federally Regulated buildings must also meet the necessary seismic resistance standards under this Executive Order. All new infrastructure that is partially or entirely supported by grants from the federal government or loans that are guaranteed by the government is included.

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#3. Animals in Disasters: Awareness and Preparedness

The goal of this training is to better the understanding of incident management among pet owners, caregivers, and businesses.

While describing how common risks affect creatures as well as what responsible owners can do to lessen the effects of disasters, this course’s main goals are to raise readiness and awareness among pet owners and caregivers.

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#4. Animals in Disasters: Community Planning.

The training offers information so that teams can get together and create plans that will benefit creatures, their caregivers, as well as the animal-care sectors during emergencies.

However, the goals of this course are to learn how to create a community plan for handling creatures in an emergency, evaluate the risks as well as threats that are particularly likely to affect your community and how to lessen their impact on animals, show how communities can utilize Incident Command System (ICS) to successfully respond to an emergency involving animals, define resources that can be used to aid communities in recovering from a disaster, and build support from the community for such an emergency preparedness plan.

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#5. Special Event Contingency Plan for Public Safety Agency.

This online course educates public safety agency staff on pre-event planning, assembling the planning team, analyzing event hazards, and handling accidents during community-wide special events. Public safety agency workers involved in arranging special events must take into account pertinent special events statutes, ordinances, and codes; nevertheless, a substantial job aids handbook is part of the course and is accessible for downloading on the course website.

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#6. FEMA EEO Employee Course

In recognition of FEMA’s dedication to guaranteeing equal employment opportunities (EEO) for all potential and current FEMA workers. Therefore, this course outlines the fundamental principles of EEO.

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Participants will have the ability to:

  •  Discuss how diversity improves FEMA by the end of the training.
  • Describe FEMA’s dedication to equal rights.
  • Recognize discriminatory behavior in others.
  • Identify the laws that defend federal workers.
  • Tell us about the EEO complaint procedure.
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#7. Diversity Awareness Course

One such training acknowledges the advantages of having a diverse workforce and FEMA’s dedication to recognizing the diversity of its workers and clients.

Participants in this training will be capable of:

  • Describe the meaning of diversity.
  • Describe the advantages of variety for both individuals and society as a whole.
  • Describe the diversity vision of FEMA.
  • Explain the commitment to diversity made by the organization, as outlined in the Diversity Action Plan.
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#8. Civil Rights and FEMA Disaster Assistance

The above course offers an introduction to civil rights, along with information on the laws that govern them and tactics that will assist FEMA staff in defending the human rights of all those we assi st.

Participants in this training will be capable of:

  • Describe the goals and protections provided by the FEMA Civil Rights program.
  • Determine ways to protect the human liberties of FEMA consumers.
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#9. Orientation to FEMA Logistics

The course presents an overview of any and all field logistics roles and logistical organizational structures (roles, responsibilities, accountability). From the first Presidential disaster proclamation to the closing of FEMA field offices, the student will develop a foundational understanding of the conventional processes for FEMA logistics operations.

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The purpose of this course is to give the participant a foundational understanding of FEMA field logistics activities.

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#10. Public Information Officer Awareness

This Public Information Officer Awareness Program (IS0029) prepares learners for the PIO role by introducing them to the ideas that underlie it. For individuals who are new to the job, this training can give them a real knowledge of the PIO function. It can also give people in executive level positions the knowledge they need about PIO obligations in an emergency.

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Benefits Of Taking FEMA Online Courses

We are aware of how significant career advancement as well as training are to you. We provide a range of education as well as professional development opportunities in addition to challenging, fascinating, and meaningful work.

The FEMA Education Knowledge Center offers in-person training as well as access to thousands of online course work in administration, leadership skills, project management, as well as IT. This is in addition to our famed Emergency Management Institute (EMI).

Future and present leaders can get the training and opportunities they need through our rigorous development program to fulfill our agency’s changing demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

200 ICS is that for a single resource?

The purpose of the ICS 200 course is to prepare participants to work effectively inside the (Incident Command System) ICS, while in an event or incident.

Are you introducing 800 National Response Framework?

The National Response Framework, An Orientation (IS-0800.d) is intended to serve as a guide for the entire community.

How lengthy is the FEMA 800 process?

It should take three hours to complete this course.


The courses outlined above are but a few but a reach out into the FEMA website would give more Intel as to the many courses reading available for individuals. The world really needs man’s help, to reach out to FEMA.

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