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Top 10 Free Harvard Online Courses 2023

Top 10 Free Harvard Online Courses 2023

If you want to study technology, business, science, and humanities while also improving your leadership skills then, Harvard online courses are for you. The bulk of Harvard online courses are flexible, self-paced, and reasonably priced.

Furthermore, Harvard’s online courses are designed to help existing professionals advance their careers and are offered in collaboration with Harvard’s world-renowned departments. These departments include Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, and the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 


Similarly, Harvard collaborates with the prominent online course platform edX to provide a wide variety of educational resources and courses for free. You can get a certificate of completion after each course for a small fee, and you can use this certificate to boost your resume and impress hiring managers. This article discusses the benefits of taking online classes as well as the best Harvard online courses.

Is Free Harvard Online Certificate Worth it? 

Imagine how it would feel to receive a certificate from a prestigious Ivy League university. Such a certificate will not only improve your resume but may also present you with multiple job prospects. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can enroll in any of the value pack free Harvard online courses from your comfort without ever having to leave your home. 

What are the Benefits of Taking Harvard Online Courses?

Enrolling in Harvard online classes has many advantages, including flexibility, lower cost, and time efficiency. Below we dive deeper into more reasons why you should consider enrolling in Harvard digital courses.

#1. It is Relatively Cheap

For students looking to cut costs and save money, Harvard online classes are the ideal option because they are typically less expensive than traditional courses. Also, digital classes can help you save money by eliminating the requirement for travel, the usage of a physical location, the need to pay a teacher in person, and other costs related to traditional programs.

#2. Flexibility 

With Harvard online classes, you don’t have to worry about meeting deadlines. You can take classes from this renowned university at your own pace. This flexibility is particularly helpful for those with busy schedules who might find it challenging to attend a regularly scheduled classes.

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#3. It Forster Communication 

Online Harvard courses have the benefit of fostering relationships and communication between instructors and students. In virtual classes, teachers can interact with students more personally, enabling the students to develop stronger bonds with the teacher. This feature is especially helpful for posing and responding to questions.

Top 10 Free Harvard Online Courses 

The following are our best picks for Harvard online courses.

#1. CS50’s Introduction to Game Development 

The first course on our list of the best Harvard online courses is Introduction to Game Development. To better grasp how video games are actually put together, you’ll examine the design of classic games. These include Super Mario Bros., Pong, Flappy Bird, Breakout, Match 3, Legend of Zelda, Angry Birds, Pokémon, 3D Helicopter Game, Dreadhalls, and Portal.

Additionally, you will cover the fundamentals of game design and development including the use of frameworks like Unity and LIVE 2D, as well as programming languages like Lua and C#, for 2D and 3D visuals, animation, sound, and collision detection.

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#2. PredictionX: Lost Without Longitude

People have been using maps for centuries. Today, navigation has become a practice, an art, and science as humanity improved the methods and tools for locating and mapping a path. Formerly, successful navigation has long been associated with business, economic, and military success. But more often than not, knowing when and where one will arrive at a remote location can be the difference between life and death.

Thus, through film, text, infographics, and tours of the Worldwide Telescope, students will be taught about the equipment and methods that navigators have employed, with a focus in particular on the significance of determining longitude. Students will also learn about the difficulties of navigating without a GPS connection, through the concepts of position, direction, speed, time, and space.

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#3. CS50: Introduction to Computer Science 

CS50x is also another highly rated specialization among the top Harvard online courses. The course introduces majors and non-majors alike to the intellectual activities of computer science and the art of programming, with or without prior programming expertise.

In this course you’ll be learning:

  • A solid understanding of computer science and programming.
  • How to think algorithmically and efficiently tackle programming problems
  • Abstraction, algorithms, data structures, encapsulation, resource management, security, software engineering, and web development.
  • Knowledge of numerous languages, including C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript, as well as CSS and HTML
  • How to create and present a final programming project to your classmates
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#4. CS50 for Lawyers 

This course is a version of Harvard University’s CS50 introduction to computer science for lawyers (and law students). This course is designed to give students a better grasp of the legal consequences of clients’ technological decisions. It will equip students to be knowledgeable contributors to technology-driven dialogues through a combination of technical education and case study discussion.

What you’ll learn includes:

  • Challenges at the Intersection of Law and Technology
  • Computational Thinking
  • Programming Languages
  • Algorithms, Data Structures
  • Cryptography
  • Cybersecurity 
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#5. PredictionX: Omens, Oracles & Prophecies 

Throughout history and across cultures, humans have attempted to find their place in the Universe by looking into the future. In this course, students will investigate “pre-scientific” prediction traditions ranging from ancient Chinese bone burning to the Oracle of Delphi to modern astrology and tarot. Furthermore, you will investigate the specifics of more than a dozen prediction systems as well as the theoretical frameworks that link them.

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#6. Systematic Approaches to Policy Design 

Systematic Approaches to Policy Design also rank on our list of best Harvard online courses. This course will help senior officials to properly maximize data and evidence in their everyday decision-making processes.

Hence, it will outline a few broad conceptual frameworks for approaching challenging choices. Thus, you will learn how to structure your thoughts, how to dissect a problem, and how to determine the areas where evidence will be most helpful in reaching a decision.

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#7. Resilient Leadership 

Resilient Leadership, is another highly rated course among the top Harvard online courses. This course will assist you in gaining leadership insights that you can apply to your work. As a result, you will investigate how Shackleton and his crew overcame a life-threatening crisis in Antarctica by emphasizing engagement, positivism, and teamwork.

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#8. Identifying Competitive Risk 

In this free Harvard Business School (HBS) Online lesson, you’ll learn how to identify sources of competitive risk and evaluate how they affect strategy using the example of Quiet Logistics, a firm that provides order fulfillment to e-commerce retailers.

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What you’ll learn includes:

  • What competitive risk is all about
  • Understand the consequences of failing to monitor risk
  • Examine how competitive risk can impact strategy 
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#9. Adaptive Recovery, Resiliency, and Moving Forward Webinar

The Crisis Management: Adaptive Recovery, Resiliency, and Moving Forward webinar contains a presentation by Harvard Kennedy School Professor Juliette Kayyem. This online course is related to themes taught in the executive program Leadership in Crisis: Preparation and Performance.

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#10. Principles of Biochemistry 

Principles of Biochemistry is the last on our list of best Harvard online courses. This class combines an introduction to macromolecule structure with a biochemical approach to cellular function. Students will also gain problem-solving and analytical skills that are transferable to the biological sciences.

What you’ll learn includes:

  • The structure and function of the chemical building blocks of life
  • How to navigate protein structures using PyMOL
  • The importance of enzymes in catalyzing life’s responses
  • The key metabolic routes that provide energy to cells
  • The complex systems that control cellular metabolism
  • Integration of biochemical processes in cells, organs, and entire organisms
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FAQs About Harvard Online Courses

Who can take Harvard online courses?

Harvard’s free online courses are open to all students. However, some paid online courses that the school offers in partnership with university departments have prerequisites that must be met by the students.

Does Harvard offer certificates over free courses?

Yes! Harvard offers a certificate of completion for its free courses although you will have to pay a small fee.

How do Free Harvard Online Courses Work?

There are filters available to isolate solely free selections from all of the Harvard online courses that are currently offered in their website. You can enroll on the edX website and get immediate access to the course materials if the course is self-paced. However, you will have to wait until the proper day if the course is currently in progress. Also keep in mind that even though the content is free, obtaining a certificate of completion will cost money.


Earning an online course certificate from a top Ivy League university such as Harvard will be an excellent addition to your resume. Significantly, Harvard offers online courses in a wide range of disciplines, including programming, business, science, art and humanities, and social sciences. Thanks to technology advancement, you can easily take self-paced certification courses from Harvard University without having to leave your home to a traditional class settings.

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