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What Is Splinterlands?

What Is Splinterlands?

The rapid evolution of the cryptocurrency ecosystem is unlike anything that has been seen in the history of finance. Its decentralization, accessibility, security and transparency are indeed factors that relay the tremendous value offered by this ecosystem. Currently, the cryptocurrency blockchain ecosystem has paved the way for the gaming industry to have its effect in space. Several games have been established in the blockchain gaming space and one of which is known as the Splinterlands. This game has its dominance currently in the ecosystem, and questions like “what is splinterlands?” is being asked by gamers in the blockchain gaming space.

Furthermore, the incorporation of games like splinterland into the blockchain creates many opportunities for gaming enthusiasts to not only have fun on the blockchain but also earn some rewards.

Our research team will relay all the information in this article regarding what splinterlands is all about and how to go about it. Therefore, we duly recommend that the reader runs through the article thoroughly to get the most out of the contents therein.

What Is Splinterlands?

Blockchain technology is used in the digital card-type game Splinterlands. Each deck inside the game is a non-fungible coin (NFT), which is held & sold employing characteristics seen in cryptos such as BTC and ETH. You’ll discover a similar sensation with Splinterlands if you have previously played famous card games like Pokemon or yu-gi-oh, using an internet browser & cryptocurrency wallet.

Through independent internet markets, cards can be purchased and sold. Champions can receive actual cash, providing it with a profitable venue for expert players with the greatest hand. To begin using Splinterlands, users must either register for an account or link a preexisting Web3 wallet, such as MetaMask, which runs on the Ethereum network.

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Additionally, it’s a web-based classic. To engage in combat with other opponents, each player must first assemble a stack of cards. Every deck seems to have a different quality or quality, which makes heroes more powerful and even more inclined to succeed. People have won actual cash in the cryptocurrency game Splinterlands because it is a “play-to-win” game. When registering, users have the option of playing in the trial mode, which prohibits them from winning actual cash rewards, or the premium version, which allows them to gain any award. A “Summoner’s Spellbook” is required for beginners to start, and it costs $10. Splinterlands card pricing is between 0.01 to 1 ETH per unit since about July 2022 on the P2P markets.

How Do You Play Splinterlands?

Card players can play, exchange, as well as win in-game prizes here on the Splinterlands platform via their desktops and mobile devices. Gamers may blend the 283+ cards offered by the game to strengthen and improve their characters’ skills.

Additionally, a player’s skill is determined by seven characteristics, comprising agility, armor, magic expenditure, and various attack kinds, such as melee, distance, and magic. Several “factions,” also called “Splinters,” exist in Splinterlands. There are six factions represented by each card: Fire, Earth, Dragon, Death, Life, Aqua, & Neutral (mercenaries). Several rare items and powers in Splinterlands might provide a player with an edge over the competition.

Players can take advantage of several in-game events in Splinterlands to receive rewards daily. Quests, ranked play, and tournaments are all just a few of the different game modes. To win card bundles, rarity, magic potions, as well as the game’s most peculiar item, Dark Energy, gamers compete in it at various levels (In the game shop, cryptos are used to purchase items). In Splinterlands, users can mix cards to advance through the ranks, lease cards to many other players, or exchange cards for a variety of coins.

Why play Splinterlands?

There is no doubt that there is more than a single reason for gamers to have fun playing Splinterlands. Some of these factors that support a smooth and interesting experience playing the game are outlined below;

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#1. Level of difficulty

Simple to learn, and difficult to accomplish the various splinters, rulesets, cards and mana caps all have an impact on how you should approach the pre-game combat. The game always requires you to adjust your strategy for the upcoming battle, keeping you in the heat.

#2. Great graphics

There is a great deal occurring on the monitor in every Splinterlands game, so it must be simple to read. The game’s fantastical theme is represented by each of the decks. From each card’s look, we learn a little about the creatures & summoners’ characteristics. A huge congratulations ought to be extended to the lead animator for the great cinematic & artwork 

#3. Fast-paced fights

Splinterlands battles last for almost a minute apiece. It thus accomplishes two things: it prevents you from getting irritated because defeats are fleeting and because the fights are quick, when you find yourself at a deficit, it won’t take time then you’ll have time to adjust your plan.

#4. Variety of Card Types

Creatures are divided into several splinters, including melee, ranged, as well as magic card categories, in addition to numerous summoners. Bruiser tanks that excel in the frontlines of the fight can serve as melee cards. Range cards could be reliable damage providers or masters of damage avoidance. Magic cards are flexible since they can deal damage, mend, and grant buffs. This versatility can offer a group an advantage.

#5. Good Social Engagement

Information about the gaming updates, events, dev & creator interactions is all available on the official discord server. This vast & active society is large.

#6. Good Competitiveness

Conducting fights with other gamers while also utilizing the lessons you acquire from such conflicts to enhance and perfect your tactics is, in my judgment, of the main benefits of playing Splinterlands. Along with this and the two-week seasons, there’s constantly plenty to work on to improve and move to a higher level.

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#7. Investment Value

Cards from Splinterlands possess worth making to be purchased, marketed, as well as swapped. Each card carries a worthwhile value, which can make the game incredibly alluring and profitable for several participants. Additionally, there are many card variations (such as gold foil) that are more expensive, & a few of these decks carry a significant cost in the marketplace. . Frankly, don’t focus on the card values; instead, simply participate in the game & enjoy yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

I bought a spell book. How much time would that take to get there?

15 minutes must pass. Anyone can post a question in the tech-support discord forum if the spellbook transaction is still pending confirmation. To hasten the process, post a transaction ID or another kind of transaction documentation.

How much time does it take for DEC Capture Rate to recharge?

Each day, 25%. So about 1% per hour.

So why would bots get access to the game?

To reduce the time it takes to discover opponents

In the same way as human players, bot identities also have purchased cards.


Inside this game, players can also employ various marketable tokens to achieve victory, like the DEC token. The DEC token’s value and the SPS governance token’s value have a close relationship. Similarly, whenever these tokens increase in value, NFTs become increasingly valued. Both a smartphone app and a webpage are available for playing the game live.

However, the Windows version possesses a lot of facilities. Gamers are unlikely to participate for a gain in any scenario except if users spend the $10 to buy the spellbook that functions as the game’s wallet initializer. Our team, having illustrated all that relates to Splinterlands, does hope the reader is well served.

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