Top 10 Free Online Defensive Driver Courses 2023

The online defensive driver course is quick and simple, and it will help you save money while becoming a better and safer driver. With your smartphone, laptop, and internet connection, you can take an online defensive driver course at your own pace.

Furthermore, you’ll learn about state traffic regulations, defensive driving methods, and how to avoid traffic accidents. Whether you’ve been involved in a car accident or are searching for ways to save money, a defensive driving course has several benefits you may not have considered.


In this post, you will learn about defensive driving courses, including their benefits and the best free online defensive driver courses.

What is Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving is a set of road driving skills and techniques that ensure safety on the road. Thus, enrolling in a defensive driving school will teach you how to reduce your chances of getting involved in an accident.

What are the Benefits of Taking a Defensive Driving Course?

Defensive driving is a valuable skill for drivers, it’ll boost your confidence behind the wheel. Thanks to technology, you can now sign up for an online defensive driver course and attend classes when it’s convenient for you. Here are a few advantages of enrolling in a defensive driving course.

#1. Qualify You For a Car Insurance Discount

A defensive driving course automatically qualifies you for a vehicle insurance discount, which lowers your monthly insurance rate. Although the actual proportion varies by state, the discount typically runs from 5% to 10%. Therefore, lowering your monthly premium will save you money each month and year.

#2. Save You Cost on Transportation

Defensive driver training allows you to save money on transportation. Assuming your license has been suspended owing to a high number of fines or accidents. To get around, you’ll most likely have to spend money on public or private transportation. 

Not only that, but even after your license suspension term has ended and you’ve paid the required fines, it’s still expensive to have your license reinstated. Hence, taking a defensive driving course will save you money on transportation and keep you from losing your license.

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#3. Avoid High Accident Fees 

Automobile accidents are not only emotionally and physically distressing, but they are also costly. Significantly, you might end up spending hundreds of dollars for a single automobile accident over years. A defensive driver course, on the other hand, can arm you with the knowledge that will help you prevent accidents.

Top 10 Free Online Defensive Driver Courses

If you are a driver or car owner with a busy work schedule and would like to enroll in an online defensive driver course, the following are our best picks of top free online free driving courses.

#1. Defensive Driving: Essential Principles & Practices 

Essential Principles & Practices is the first on our list of top online defensive driver courses.

Defensive driving is the practice of predicting risky events, regardless of adverse conditions or the faults of others. This course is designed for those who want to learn fundamental defensive driving skills.

It discusses the importance of staying aware while driving and contrasts the characteristics of defensive and aggressive drivers. You’ll also discover how to drive in hazardous weather conditions and the intoxicating drugs that impair a driver’s ability.

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#2. Driver Safety for Gig Workers 

It is the responsibility of gig workers to operate automobiles in a safe manner that does not risk the lives of others. Thus, this free online defensive driver course will teach you various tactics for driving safely in a variety of situations and what to do in those situations. Additionally, this program will teach independent workers how to maintain their vehicles properly to avoid equipment breakdowns while on the road.

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#3. Autosobriety to Prevent Drink: Driving in South African

This free online defensive driving course was created by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) with the assistance of Pernod Ricard. It aims to progress the UN Global Road Safety Performance Target #9, which calls for halving the number of alcohol-related road traffic injuries and fatalities by 2030.

Therefore, taking this course will not only enable you to respond to drunk driving on the road but will also motivate you to be a part of the anti-drunk driving movement. The auto sobriety program comprises four classes that will teach you the basics of road crash statistics, the effect of alcohol on driving ability, the dangers of driving while drunk, and the potential repercussions of doing so.

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#4. A Beginner’s Guide for Delivery Drivers

Good delivery driver training has perks that go beyond the drivers themselves because higher customer satisfaction increases corporate profits. This free online driver course covers everything you need to know about the responsibilities of delivery drivers. You will investigate numerous delivery and pickup methods, as well as the various lifting techniques utilized to avoid injury. Similarly,  you will also learn how to keep solid records and plan delivery routes successfully.

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#5. Car Mechanic Training 

This program can save you time and money while also preparing you to successfully maintain your vehicle. Car Mechanic Training will introduce you to the components of a typical motor vehicle. You will investigate the systems that comprise a car and explain when they require repair. Furthermore, you will examine the issues that occur while purchasing an automobile.

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#6. Driver Safety 

This free online defensive driving course will dramatically reduce the likelihood of your employees and staff being involved in accidents. Hence, it will allow you and your team to protect your personal and business car drivers, their families, and the community while also protecting the organization from liabilities. This course covers subjects like risky driving, safe driving techniques, and vehicle management.

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#7. Defensive Driving Course by DriveSafe Online 

Road traffic accidents are becoming more common as a result of inadequate defensive driving education and a lack of public knowledge of road safety and driver duties. This free defensive driver course can help your team improve their road awareness, understanding and detecting road hazards, and recalling and employing safe driving methods when it counts the most.

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#8. Defensive Driving for Heavy Vehicles 

Truck and bus drivers understand that driving a heavy vehicle is not the same as driving a car. Aside from the weight of the vehicle, laden cargo might lead trucks to respond more slowly to the driver’s sudden shift maneuvers. As a result, drivers of bigger vehicles must know how to drive defensively while operating these vehicles. Therefore, this course will teach you about defensive driving for truck drivers and vehicle drivers.

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#9. Defensive Driving Course by NSC

Individuals, their families, and organizations as a whole incur considerable financial and personal losses as a result of road traffic injuries. These costs stem from the cost of treatment, lost production for workers killed or disabled by their injuries, and family members who must miss work or school to care for their injured loved ones.

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This NSC online defensive driver course provides effective ways to keep your personnel safe on the road, reduce the likelihood of traffic accidents, limit exposure to liability risks, and reduce vehicle maintenance and replacement expenses.

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#10. Defensive Driving by OSHAcademy

While a motorist can control his or her behavior behind the wheel, it is nearly difficult to regulate the activities of other drivers. Drivers, on the other hand, should be schooled in defensive driving skills to avoid an accident independent of the driving errors of others.

The free online defensive driving course includes defensive driving assessment and response strategies such as scanning the road, utilizing hand signals and flashers, maintaining a safe distance between you and other drivers, and dealing with risks, among others.

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FAQs About Online Defensive Driver Course

Is defensive driving course worth it?

Yes, defensive driving courses are worthwhile. Defensive driving classes will provide drivers with a fresh viewpoint on how to drive on the road. They will also assist drivers in identifying potentially harmful circumstances and mitigating unsafe behavior from other drivers.

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What are the best online defensive driving courses?

The following are some of the best online defensive driver courses:


MyImprov Traffic School

Aceable Defensive Driving 

Approved Course Defensive Driving


Every time you get on the road, you never know what to expect: accidents, terrible weather, or aggressive drivers. By taking defensive driving courses, you’ll be better prepared to deal with anything that comes your way.

Similarly, online defensive driving courses allow you to enroll and take sessions at your leisure. As a result, you won’t have to worry about missing deadlines or attending in-person classes. In addition, after each course, you will be given a certificate of completion.

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