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How To Buy Cronos

How To Buy Cronos

If you want to learn where and how to buy Cronos also known for the CRO symbol then you’ve come to the right place. Meanwhile, CRO the native coin of the Crypto.com exchange was formerly known as the Crypto.com coin until rebranded to Cronos in Feb 2022. More like Binance native token Binance Coin (BNB), CRO plays a role in staking, trading fees, borrowing, lending, earning interest on crypto, and more, with tiers of benefits.

However, some people also buy CROs as an investment. The Crypto.com coin (CRO) had a pump season in 2021 from a low that year of $0.057 to the current CRO all-time high of $0.93. This is typically a 16x gain in ten months. Nonetheless, it retraced 70% of that move to $0.26 since the Bitcoin correction began. Hence Crypto.com modified the rewards program for its debit card in May 2022.

Due to the recent backtrack/dip in cryptocurrency, many investors seek ways to accumulate as many CROs as they can before the pumping season. Thus, this prompted us in Blockfarm to bring this guide, on where and how to buy CRO coins.


What Is Cronos?

As earlier stated, CRO represents the native governance token of the Crypto.com exchange. While Crypto.com itself provides suites of crypto-related products and services varying from staking, DeFi, wallets, trading, payments, yield farming, and even a metal crypto visa debit card. More so, CRO is a smart contract crypto. This means it has a dedicated blockchain storage space (stored on its smart contract network)

Furthermore, Cronos (CRO) began as an ERC-20 token called Crypto.com in November 2018. Then having an initial supply of 100 billion tokens. All of which the Crypto.com platform initially had custody of. When they first introduced CRO tokens, no presale or no public sale was done, and even no ICO happened.

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Notwithstanding, in February 2021, Crypto.com published that it would be burning 70% of the initial supply of CRO (That is 70 billion CRO tokens). It was the largest quantity of cryptocurrency burnt to date. They did this to prepare for the launch of the Crypto.org chain manner.

In a nutshell, we’ve listed the components that involve CRO. Thus, the CRO token has the following uses;

  • It acts as an alternative currency to conduct transactions with merchants;
  • You can use it to buy the Crypto.com debit card
  • Also, you can stake it for additional profit.
  • It has a trading discount on the Crypto.com exchange
  • It is a governance token for the Cronos sidechain and Crypto.org chain.
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Where Can I Buy Cronos?

You can buy Cronos (CRO) in various exchanges like CoinDCX, eToro, and Huobi even though it is a native to Crypto.com.

How To Buy Cronos

Time Needed : 5 minutes

Ensure to carefully follow the steps below to learn how to buy Cronos tokens for yourself.

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  1. Choose an Exchange

    If you want to buy Cronos CRO, you’ll need to register with a crypto exchange. Crypto exchanges include website or app that enables you to buy or sell different cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat currency (for example, USD).

    When you want to choose an exchange, consider the following tips:

    Cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange. As of 2022, we have an estimated 5,000 cryptocurrencies. Some exchanges list up to more than 600 currencies, while others list around 100. 

    Also, consider knowing the fees of the exchange. Some crypto exchanges charge fees for trading coins, using certain payment methods, or moving your assets off the platform.

    Also, consider which payment methods they accept. Most crypto exchanges enable you to buy coins with bank transfers and debit cards.

    Do they have an integrated wallet? When you purchase your cryptocurrency, you have to store it in a crypto wallet. Many platforms provide an integrated wallet option. 

  2. Choose a Payment Method

    Whenever you’ve chosen which crypto exchange to use, you’ll need to decide how you want to pay for your Cronos CRO.

    Check whether any payment choices come with related fees before taking the next step. Some payment platforms tend to treat cryptocurrency payments as if they were cash advances, so they incur a fee as soon as the transaction happens. 

  3. Place an Order

    When you have registered and funded your account on your chosen crypto exchange, the next thing you need to do includes to navigate to the Cronos CRO page, then enter the amount of money you’d like to invest.

  4. Choose a Storage Method

    The majority of crypto exchanges come with a free, integrated wallet where you can automatically store your Cronos CRO. However, you might choose to hold your coins in a different, third-party wallet. 

    You can choose to either use a ‘hot’ wallet, which stores your crypto tokens or coins online. Or a ‘cold’ wallet, which stores it in an offline device like a hard drive. Hackers can easily break through hot wallets but providers will help you recover access if you’ve lost your password.

    While Cold wallets look safer because they will remove your Cronos CRO from the internet, which means hackers can’t reach it. However, beware if you lose the access code to your cold wallet, you wouldn’t find any no customer service to help you recover it. This signifies that you can permanently lose access to any currencies you’ve stored.

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  • Computer, Phone, or Tablet.
  • CRO token

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Buy Cronos

What Can You Purchase With Cronos?

We use Cronos to pay fees on Crypto.com, and also to ‘stake’. This allows users to earn passive income by fixing coins to help run the blockchain on the platform in exchange for advantages such as trading fee discounts.

Should I invest in CRO?

Is CRO listed on Huobi?

Yes, you can find CRO on Huobi listings. They listed it on July 12th, 2019.

Is CRO listed on Coinbase?

Yes, you can find CRO on Coinbase listing, they listed it on November 4th, 2021.

Is CRO listed on Binance?

No, as of the time of this publication, Binance has not yet listed the CRO token.

Is CRO listed on eToro?

Yes, you can find the CRO token on the eToro listing. They listed it on April 20th, 2022.


Finally, we’ve carefully explained how you can buy Cronos yourself. While in terms of considering where to buy CRO on a safe regulated platform, eToro listed CRO and provides the option to copy trade the buys and sells of pro investors, instead of monitoring the crypto markets yourself. Thus, this is a beginner-friendly way to gain exposure to CRO at low risk.

Meanwhile, Crypto.com’s native token CRO had a good bull run in 2021 but so far in 2022, the CRO price appeared in a downtrend. This can mean a ‘buy the dip’ opportunity as the CEO has addressed investor concerns well. Hence, modified some of the Crypto.com rewards rate changes.

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