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Top 15 Online Nursing Courses 2023

Top 15 Online Nursing Courses 2023

Are you interested in pursuing a career in nursing or looking to advance your nursing skills? With the growth of technology, many online nursing courses have been made available, providing you with opportunities to learn and gain new knowledge in the nursing field.

Additionally, in this article, we discuss the importance of Nursing within the healthcare sector. Also, how they take care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. Nursing also, involves the assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation of care to address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients


In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 15 online nursing courses to help you achieve your career goals.

Reasons Why You Should Apply To Any Of The Free Online Nursing Courses

#1. Personal Fulfillment Through Nursing Careers

As a nurse, you have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of fields in nursing and medicine to pursue as a career path. Also, this online course can help you acquire new skills and knowledge, leading to career advancement and improved health standards globally. Ultimately, this can bring a sense of personal fulfillment.

#2. Ability to Specialize

Nurses have the option to specialize in different areas of healthcare, with many clinical opportunities available to them. They can also apply their skills beyond healthcare and work in industries that require their services. Opportunities for advancement within these industries are also available, with some nurses rising to top leadership positions.

#3. Job Security

Nurses enjoy a great deal of job security, as they are an essential part of the healthcare system. Even during times of economic uncertainty, their skills are always in demand, and they can easily find good positions to work.

#4. Excellent Wages and Benefits

Nurses receive competitive wages and excellent benefits, making it one of the top 10 best-paid jobs. Employers also provide coverage for their health and dental bills, making it a financially rewarding career.

#5. Travel Opportunities

Experienced nurses are in high demand all over the world, with many companies investing in their travels to provide services to their employees. Nurses can enjoy the benefits of traveling while working and can have their travel and accommodation expenses covered.

#6. Certification

Nursing certification provides legal recognition as a professional nurse, whether acquired through on-campus or online programs. This recognition can lead to better employment opportunities.

After considering these benefits and more, you may be inspired to pursue a career in nursing and take one of the fees online nursing courses

How to take an Online Nursing Course

Taking an online Nursing course can be a great way to acquire new skills and knowledge, but the challenge lies in completing the course successfully. Despite the fact that these courses are available online for free, obtaining the certificates attached to them requires commitment and motivation.

One of the biggest hurdles you may face when taking an online course is the ability to give 100% attention to it and complete it. Unlike traditional classroom settings, online courses require self-discipline and time management skills to stay on track. Therefore, to successfully complete an online Nursing course, you need to be determined, focused and dedicated.

It’s essential to stay motivated throughout the course, even when the going gets tough. You should create a study plan and set achievable goals for each week, so you can monitor your progress and stay on track. You can also join study groups, interact with other students and seek assistance from online forums or instructors to help you stay motivated.

To complete an online Nursing course, you must be committed to your studies. Avoid procrastination and dedicate time to study and complete assignments. You should also ensure you have a good internet connection and access to the necessary equipment such as a laptop or desktop computer to avoid technical difficulties that could slow you down

What Are The Universities That Offer Free Online Nursing Courses?

If you are interested in studying Nursing online, you’ll be pleased to know that several universities offer free online nursing courses to both national and international students. These universities are renowned for their expertise and are globally recognized for their excellence in providing quality education. Here is a list of universities that offer free online Nursing courses:

  • Open University
  • Liberty University
  • Walden University
  • Purdue University Global
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Davenport University
  • Independence University
  • Baker University
  • Regent University
  • The George Washington University
  • Northcentral University
  • Columbia Southern University
  • Keiser University
  • Colorado Christian University
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Duke University

These universities offer a wide range of courses, from introductory courses to advanced degrees. The courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a successful career in Nursing. Some of the courses available include Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology, Health Assessment, and Nursing Ethics

Top 15 Online Nursing Courses

Whether you are looking to specialize in a particular area of nursing or seeking to advance your knowledge, these courses cover a wide range of topics that can help you achieve your desired career path. Let’s dive in and explore these top online nursing courses.

#1. Complete Guide to Nursing School for Pre-Nursing Students

Take Charge of Your Nursing School Career with This Comprehensive Guide This course equips pre-nursing students with the research skills, application strategies, and unique approaches necessary to excel in nursing school. Drawing insights from patients, their families, and industry professionals, this course will help you become a competent and compassionate nurse. Enroll now on Udemy to start your journey.

Apply Here

#2. Introduction to Nursing: The Role of Nurses Around the World

Embrace Your Role as a Nurse with This Introduction to Nursing Course This 4-week course will introduce you to the fundamentals of nursing and its role in improving global health. Also, You’ll learn how to apply nursing principles and contribute to the well-being of individuals and societies. The course starts on April 27, 2022, so don’t wait to apply.

Apply Here

#3. Nursing Theory And Advanced Practice

Elevate Your Nursing Skills with This Free Online Course on Nursing Theory and Advanced Practice This course focuses on developing successful nursing skills through the application and critical evaluation of nursing theories. You will learn to apply relevant theories to advanced nursing practice and adopt a comprehensive approach to care. Enroll now to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your nursing abilities.

Apply Here

#4. Understanding Clinical Research: Behind The Statistics

Enroll now in this free online nursing course that provides an understanding of medical statistical analysis in interpreting common statistical concepts. If you’re interested in literature or research, this course is the perfect first step. By taking a free online course in statistical analysis, you can pave the way for a better understanding of data. Enrollment is always open for this course.

Apply Here

#5. Caring Relationships

Enroll in the “Caring Relationships” course to learn the importance of empathy and tolerance in nursing. Patients come from diverse backgrounds and may have different attitudes that can be challenging to manage. By taking this course, you will learn how to perform complex tasks while creating a relaxing environment for your patients.

Furthermore, Creating an account is a prerequisite for this course. With an account, you can track your progress, access tests, and quizzes, and receive a Statement of Participation upon completion.

Apply Here

#6. Understanding Dementia

Gain a deeper understanding of dementia with this free online course. Nurses will learn about the brain, causes of dementia, and how the disease impacts patients, their loved ones, and friends. Interactive resources, such as videos, games, scenarios, and quizzes, are available to enhance your learning experience.

In addition, this course provides you with the opportunity to connect with an international community of peers online to discuss critical issues surrounding dementia. Upon completion, you can receive a free certificate.

Apply Here

#7. The Role of Personal Assistants in Disability Support

If you are interested in disability support or certified assistant nursing, this free online course is for you. Over a period of four weeks, you will learn about the role of personal assistants in disability support and discuss ways to avoid or manage personal conflicts. So, Whether you are a disabled person or a personal assistant, you will gain valuable insights into the close working relationship between people with disabilities and support workers, based on new evidence on how to improve them.

And here’s the exciting part: You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course, along with an extra benefit worth $39.

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#8. Diet Therapy

Do you want to help your patients recover more quickly? This free online nursing course will teach you about diet therapy and how it can aid in the treatment of intestinal, bowel, and food-related diseases. A well-nourished person is more mentally and physically lively and less susceptible to infectious diseases. That is why it’s crucial for patients in a hospital to receive an appropriate diet that supports their recovery.

Furthermore, As a nurse who is educated in proper nutrition, you can encourage patients to focus on nutrition and the restoration of their health. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to do just that. Don’t wait any longer; sign up for this course today!

Apply Here

#9. Cancer Survivorship for Primary Care Practitioners

Cancer, a major deadly disease, is a topic of concern for many people. Fortunately, this free nursing course can help primary care practitioners gain a clearer understanding of cancer recovery and develop effective care plans for patients.

Additionally, the course is designed to last for four weeks and will cover the psychological, social, and emotional impact of cancer, new and emerging treatments, results for survivors, and the possible side effects of treatment. By the end of this course, primary care practitioners will have the knowledge they need to provide the best possible care to cancer patients.

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#10. Clinical Supervision: Assessing and Providing Feedback

If you’re interested in event planning, you may want to consider this online course on clinical supervision. The program focuses on workplace-based assessment principles and tools and teaches you how to apply them as part of your clinical supervision.

However, the course is only three weeks long and will cover models to monitor performance, effective feedback techniques, and strategies to identify and support struggling students. If you’re looking to advance your clinical supervision skills, this course is for you.

Apply Here

#11. Kidney Anatomy

Are you studying kidney diseases? If so, you should take advantage of the free Kidney Anatomy course. This course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of kidney design and function that you can then share with patients to elevate their knowledge of this organ. Also, this free course can aid your knowledge of kidney diseases and give you the tools you need to care for patients with kidney problems.

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#12. Chronic Urticaria

If you’re a healthcare professional looking to expand your knowledge of chronic urticaria, this is the course for you. Urticaria is an allergic reaction caused by food, environmental factors, and stress. This free online nursing course with a certificate of completion UK can help you understand the causes and methods of preventing hives. Take advantage of this free course to advance your knowledge of chronic urticaria.

Apply Here

#13. Vital Signs

This six-week free nursing course explains the basic anatomic and physiological vital signs of the body. It also explains the normal ranges, normal variants, and the mechanisms involved in the objective measurement of vital signs. This course is a great opportunity for nursing professionals who want to enhance their knowledge of vital signs.

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#14. Children with Asthma

If you’re responsible for the care of children with asthma, this course is for you. This course helps you ensure that asthmatic children under your care are safe and can participate in activities with other children. It also teaches you how to save their lives during seizures. If you’re looking for ways to take better care of asthmatic children, sign up for this free online nursing course.

Apply Here

#15. The Musculoskeletal System: The Science of Staying Active into Old Age

Are you interested in learning about the bones, joints, and muscles and how they function? This free online nursing training course is for you. The three-week program provides a framework for active individuals seeking knowledge on how their lifestyle can affect their long-term health. The course also teaches patients how to stay healthy through exercise as they age. Although the course is free, you will have to pay $54 to receive a certificate.

Apply Here

FAQs on Online Nursing Courses

Can I earn a nursing degree completely online?

You can get a nursing degree online. The best nursing schools offer fully online degrees for associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. You can complete coursework online using a distance learning platform. However, you’ll need to meet local clinical requirements in person.

How Much Can You Make With an Online Nursing Degree?

Nurses make a median yearly pay of $77,600, as of May 2021, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, salaries can differ depending on where you work, what specialty you have, and how much experience you have. If an RN has a BSN, they may be able to get better-paying leadership roles compared to those with only an associate degree. It’s also important to consider the impact of location on salary.

Why study nursing online?

Nursing is a highly rewarding career if you enjoy caring for others. If you have an interest in healthcare and medicine, an online nursing course can be a fascinating area of study.

When you opt for an online nursing course, you have access to a wide range of topics presented in various formats. This diversity allows you to choose which areas to study and improve your knowledge.

Whether you are new to the field or an experienced professional seeking nursing CPD courses, studying online allows you to expand your nursing knowledge. With online courses, you can fit your study around your existing lifestyle, commitments, and shift patterns.

The best part is that you don’t have to travel to a study location or purchase textbooks. All the materials are available online, allowing you to access them whenever you want. This freedom enables you to pursue your studies without affecting your lifestyle or schedule


The nursing profession offers a wide range of opportunities for personal fulfillment, career advancement, job security, excellent wages, and benefits, and even travel opportunities. With these top 15 online nursing courses, you can improve your nursing knowledge and skills, obtain certification, and enhance your career prospects.

So, don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities to expand your nursing career. Enroll in any of these courses today and take the first step towards a fulfilling nursing career.

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