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Top 10 Free Online Courses For CNA 2023

Top 10 Free Online Courses For CNA 2023

Online courses for CNA create a flexible, self-paced, and convenient learning environment. Furthermore, working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) provides you with experience that you can use to enhance your career in the healthcare sector.

Generally, a certified nursing assistant is responsible for delivering direct patient care in nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. They also help the nursing team by giving patients basic hygiene, collecting vital signs, and arranging for medical supplies.

While entering the healthcare field is exciting, determining where to begin can be tough. A position as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) might be an excellent place to start your healthcare career. Hence, if you want to start a career as a CNA but aren’t sure which of the online courses for CNA to take, you should peruse this piece.


In this article, you’ll be learning about the benefits of becoming a CNA, their responsibility, online courses for CNA as well as how you can kickstart your career as a certified nurse assistance.

Lets delve in!

What Does a Certified Nursing Assistant do?

While there are many duties for nursing assistants. CNAs will have different requirements and responsibilities depending on the hospital or facility. However, a certified nursing assistant is in charge of carrying out duties that guarantee patients receive quality care. As a result, they collaborate closely with nurses and patients to assist with the numerous difficult physical activities involved in patient care. Some of their duties are as follows:

  • Assembling medical equipment
  • Patient turning or movement
  • Bathing and grooming patients, 
  • Feeding patients
  • Examining vital signs and recording data
  • Taking calls from patients
  • Room and bed linen cleaning
  • Building up supplies
  • Patient transportation
  • Caring for wounds

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a CNA?

There are numerous perks to working as a certified nursing assistant. From its job prospects and the opportunity to work with a variety of patients and healthcare specialists to its enriching work experience. Below we dive more into the benefits of becoming a CNA.

#1. Enriching Work Experience

If you’re looking to pursue a profession without committing to a degree and want to make a difference in patients’ everyday lives, being a CNA should be a rewarding experience. Additionally, it’s perfect for people looking for variety in their workdays, security in their careers, and opportunities to progress.

#2. Job Stability

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects about 170,000 job openings for CNAs between 2019 and 2029. This is owing to the aging population, as well as a nationwide nurse shortage at all levels of nursing, resulting in a high level of job stability. So, job opportunities for CNAs will continue to experience an up trend.

#3. Variety

CNA work entails caring for a wide range of patients, assisting various healthcare professionals, and carrying out a variety of tasks daily. CNAs also work alongside nurses, healthcare providers, and other medical personnel to perform tasks such as advising patients on nutritional needs, taking vital signs, and communicating their concerns to their healthcare team. Hence, you have the opportunity to participate in and improve the lives of patients in a variety of roles.

#4. Opportunity to Specialize

Becoming a CNA allows you to attempt nursing after a shorter training period and explore potential specialized areas. Similarly, a CNA certification can lead to programs and professions as registered nurses or advanced practice nurses, both of which provide specializations in areas such as acute care, family practice, and pediatrics etc.

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#5. Affordability

Because CNAs earn a certification rather than a degree, the financial commitment can be lower. Similarly, online CNA programs are frequently less expensive than traditional courses, and some institutions of higher learning, businesses, and healthcare facilities even provide free CNA training. So, if you want to save money while studying and working in the health industry, becoming a certified nursing assistant will help you achieve your goals.

What Are The Benefits of Taking Online Courses For CNAs?

Taking nursing assistant classes has its benefits, such as laying a solid foundation for career advancement and improving job prospects in a rapidly expanding field. Below are the benefits of taking online courses for CNA:

#1. It is Relatively Cheap

Online CNA classes are an excellent option for students looking to cut costs and save money because they are typically less expensive than traditional courses. You can save money by eliminating the need for travel, the use of a physical location, the need to pay a teacher in person, and other costs associated with traditional programs.

#2. Flexibility 

Digital learning allows CNA students to learn at their own pace at times that work best for them. Thus, with CNA online programs, you don’t have to worry about meeting deadlines. 

You can take classes from anywhere in the world. Whether you are a worker or parent with a tight schedule, you can still build your career as a CNA. With a computer or smartphone and a good internet connection, you are good to go!

#3. It Forster Communication 

Online courses for CNA have the benefit of fostering relationships and communication between instructors and students. In virtual classes, teachers can interact with students more personally, allowing them to develop stronger bonds with the teacher. Also, students can be free to ask personal questions without the fear of being ridiculed.

Top 10 Free Online Courses For CNA

The following are our best picks for online courses for CNA.

#1. CNA Short-Term Certificate Program: Ivy Tech Community College 

The first on our list of online courses for CNA is the CNA Short-Term Certificate Program. This course is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and prepares students to take the CNA exam administered by the Indiana State Department of Health.

The course primarily employs traditional teaching methods. It blends in-person instruction with online reading and other course resources to supplement the knowledge and abilities learned in person.

Enroll Here

2. Nursing Aid Certificate Course: Somerset Community College 

This SCC Course is designed to prepare students for state certification as nurse assistants. The criteria for this program have been set by the Cabinet for Health Services, Department of Medicaid Services. 

Therefore, after finishing this 75-hour course and passing with a C or higher, students are prepared to take the State Nursing Aide exam. 

In addition, once certified, you will be able to work as a patient caregiver in nursing homes and hospitals under the supervision of a registered nurse.

Enroll Here

3. Nursing Assistant Certificate: Lehman College

If you want to work as a CNA in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, or home health groups, this online course is for you. This course will teach you the essentials of patient care, anatomy and physiology, and nursing home clinical rotations.

The Nursing Assistant Certificate from Lehman College has been approved by the New York State Education Department. As a result, before taking the New York State certification exam, students must finish this course and relevant clinical training.

Enroll Here

4. Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate Program: American River College

The American River College Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate Program is next on our list of top online courses for CNAs.

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After completing this course, you will receive the ARC CNA Certificate and be eligible to take the California nurse assistant certification exam.

Similarly, to complete the Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate program at American River College, you must complete two courses. The first course, Medical Terminology, explains the basic forms and constituents of medical terminology. The second subject in the program, Nurse Assistant, can be evaluated online.

Enroll Here

5. Hazard Community and Technical College  

This four-month online CNA program is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission. It combines classroom training with hands-on laboratory and clinical experience.

Additionally, students interested in acquiring this online CNA degree have two curriculum options. They are the Kentucky Medication Aide and Medicaid Nursing Aide credentials

Enroll Here

6. Family Nurse Practitioner Exam Preparation and Study Guide

Are you one of those people that gets stuck while deciding how to study, what study material to use, or how long to prepare for your AANP and ANCC exams?

The course will assist you to:

  • Have a deeper understanding of the AANP and ANCC exam
  • How to decide the exam to take based on your professional goals and exam style
  • What study resources should you utilize to prepare for the exam?
  • How to intellectually, physically, and emotionally prepare for the exam
  • How to obtain a Nurse Practitioner License
  • How to land your first job
  • Where you can locate and apply for Nurse Practitioner Jobs
Enroll Here

7. Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant Course: Middlesex Community College 

This Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant Course is ideal for people searching for flexible distance learning options that work around their busy schedules, making it ranks high on our list of the best online courses for CNA.

As part of MXCC’s course, you will have the opportunity to enhance your laboratory and clinical skills at a nearby healthcare facility.

For entry into this CNA training program, candidates must have a diploma or GED, demonstrate English proficiency, provide proof of immunizations, pass a background check, and be 18 years or older.

Enroll Here

8. Home Health Aide, Nurse Aide, and Caregiver Certification: Udemy

This course is designed to help you become competent home health aides and caregivers. As a result, you will gain the core information and skills needed to provide home healthcare services.

Furthermore, you’ll learn how to care for the elderly and individuals suffering from long-term illnesses. You will also learn how to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation using the most recent American Heart Association guidelines.

Enroll Here

9. Caregiver Support Services Training 

Caregiver Support Services Training is also one of our top selections for online courses for CNA. This program is for caregivers, nursing assistants, in-home caregivers, healthcare professionals, social workers, and mental health professionals.

Enrolling in this course will teach you:

  • Why is protecting dependent persons from abuse so important for healthcare professionals, family caregivers, and community organizations?
  • Suggestions on how to reduce the likelihood of abuse and neglect.
  • Strategies that a caregiver might employ to spot abuse indicators and how to overcome obstacles to reporting abuse.
Enroll Here

10. Online CNA Course: Hutchinson Community College

Hutchinson is one of the top online institutions that offer online courses for CNA.  Hutchinson Community College has been offering thousands of students a high-quality, reasonably priced education for over 90 years.

Whether you want to use HutchCC as a springboard to a higher college degree or a career, you’re right on track. Furthermore, through its online CNA course, you will study the important theoretical element of the certified nursing assistant courses.

Enroll Here

How Do I Become A CNA?

You can become a Certified Nursing Assistant by completing a state-approved training program or earning an online certification. CNA classes are typically offered at community colleges, high schools, vocational or technical schools, and local hospitals.

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Furthermore, programs vary, so it is critical that you conduct extensive research to find one that best meets you needs. Most programs now have similar requirements that must be before application and acceptance.

For example, the American Red Cross offers a popular CNA training program that lasts 4-8 weeks depending on class size and location. Among the requirements are:

  • Attendance at an orientation information session 
  • Verification of a high school diploma or GED
  • Before registration, the Red Cross conducts a criminal background check.
  • Completion of the Red Cross physical form and the tuberculosis test

How Much Do Online CNA Courses Cost?

The cost of an online CNA course varies according to the institution or program you select. Nonetheless, the average cost of an online CNA program is between $500 and $1500. Furthermore, the cost of the state certification exam, uniforms, and classroom supplies are all included in some of the more expensive programs.

How Do I Get My CNA Certification?

The completion of a certified nurse training program is the initial requirement for CNA certification. A list of authorized programs is frequently provided by state boards of nursing to aid students in selecting a respectable alternative.

Furthermore, graduates are required to pass the state-administered CNA certification exam after satisfying all criteria. Then they can submit a license application. Importantly, CNAs must adhere to the continuing education hour requirements established by their state board of nursing to maintain their licensing.

FAQs About Online Courses For CNA 

Who is a certified nursing assistant?

Certified nursing assistants are trained professionals that are dedicated to helping patients with activities of daily living and other healthcare needs while working directly under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse.

Is CNA the same as a Medical Assistant?

Although both CNAs and medical assistants work in healthcare support positions, there are differences in their educational qualifications and job duties. While CNAs are in charge of giving patients immediate care. On the other hand, medical assistants split their time between administrative and clinical duties. They might manage filing systems, plan patient visits, or answer phones. Other times, they might help doctors with exams, provide needles and dispense medication, or take vital signs.

Where can a certified nursing assistant work?

CNAs can be found in all kinds of healthcare settings including:


Long-term residential facilities

Nursing homes

Rehabilitation centers

Adult daycare centers 

Can you get certified as a CNA online?

Yes, you can obtain your CNA certification online. Because you will receive hands-on clinical training at a local location while completing your CNA education online. After completing the program, you will sit for the CNA exam to obtain your CNA certification.

How much does it cost to become a CNA?

The training will cost between $1,000 and $1,500. Because the programs vary, some will be more expensive than others. There are courses available for free online or at organizations such as the Red Cross. Whatever the cost, you can be confident that once you are qualified as a CNA, you will have a great opportunity.

How long does a CNA program last?

It can take anywhere from four weeks to three months to become a certified nursing assistant. Depending on the specific program and student schedule, the programs are divided into classroom hours and clinical practice based on state criteria.

However, if you want to get into the field as soon as possible, there are accelerated programs that take only a few weeks to complete. If your schedule is more hectic, you may prefer a longer part-time option. Make sure to look into several different programs to find one that meets your requirements.


CNAs are the backbone of healthcare, and they spend more time directly caring for patients than anybody else.

CNA courses educate students about the fundamentals of nursing, fire safety protocols, and patient rights. You can also learn how to assist folks with specific needs. Therefore, if you want to kickstart your career as a CNA professional you can enroll in any of the online courses for CNA that we highlighted in this post.

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