Top 10 Banks in Colorado 2023

Colorado in the Western part of the United State has a convenient environment for business and transactions. While the concept of banking even makes everything way easier than expected. However, every bank does operate the same way even if they share similar services. This is where we differentiate the best from the best. Thus, we bring to you the top banks in Colorado relative to their mode of operations and best offering services in apt and exactness.

Furthermore, every customer has their needs for banks, therefore, have to choose from the banks best operating towards their needs. Hence, the bank you prefer should ultimately depend on your own needs. Thus, ensure you choose your bank of operation based on the following questions;

  • Does the bank serve your area or close?
  • Does it deliver special services for your demographic? (Business owners, students, etc.)
  • Does it provide the services you want, at an affordable price you can afford?
  • Does the bank make banking with them easy? (Online banking, branch access, etc.)

Following these practices, you’d surely find the right bank for you. While the same approach applies to banks in Colorado.


Meanwhile, carefully go through this article to discover the amazing banks available in Colorado state.

How Many Banks Are In Colorado?

In operating branches, they exist over hundreds of banks in Colorado. Meanwhile Colorado has about 72 banks operating within the stat. While they have about $84.7 billion in total assets, following the information from regulators at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The FDIC discloses the state’s largest deposit markets include the following regions of the state:

  • Denver-Aurora-Lakewood
  • Fort Collins
  • Boulder
  • Colorado Springs
  • Greeley

Furthermore, some banks have several branches across different locations in the state, while others operate from a single location. Hence, we’ve listed the banks having the most locations in Colorado with the number of branches situated in the state.

Bank NameBranch Locations in Colorado
1. Wells Fargo Bank130
2. JPMorgan Chase Bank114
3. U.S. Bank108
4. FirstBank85
5. Bank of the West69
6. KeyBank58
7. Bank of Colorado50
8. Alpine Bank44
9. TBK Bank40
10. NBH Bank40
11. PNC Bank36
12. Zions Bank34
13. Independent Financial34
14. Huntington Bank33
15. First National Bank of Omaha26
16. Academy Bank26
17. Glacier Bank24
18. Bank of America23
19. ANB Bank23
20. HTLF Bank22
21. First Interstate Bank20
22. InBank15
23. BOK Financial14
24. UMB Bank12
25. Sunflower Bank12
Source: FDIC

Types of Banks in Colorado

As earlier stated, some category of banks best serves several purposes. Some serve specific types of clientele while other financial institutions focus on business banking, etc. For personal banking services in Colorado, people commonly use the following types of banks;

  • National Banks
  • Regional Banks
  • Community Banks
  • Online Banks
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Top 10 Banks in Colorado 2023

#1. Chase Bank

Chase Bank is one of the best banks in Colorado, offering a wide range of banking services to individuals, businesses, and corporations. The bank is known for its competitive rates, convenient online and mobile banking options, and friendly customer service.

Customers can also take advantage of Chase’s online and mobile banking options, which allow them to manage their accounts, pay bills, and make transfers from anywhere at any time. The bank’s mobile app is user-friendly, secure, and easy to navigate, making it a convenient option for customers on the go.

Overall, Chase Bank is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and trusted bank in Colorado. With a wide range of services, competitive rates, and a commitment to the local community, it’s no wonder why so many people in Colorado choose Chase Bank for their banking needs

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#2. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of the best banks in Colorado, known for its wide range of banking services, competitive rates, and excellent customer service. The bank has a strong presence in the state, with numerous branches and ATMs located throughout Colorado, making it easy for customers to access their accounts and banking services.

In addition to its banking services, Wells Fargo is also committed to supporting the local community. The bank regularly participates in charitable giving and volunteer programs that focus on improving education, economic development, and the arts. Wells Fargo also has a wide array of specialized program for business and commercial banking that can be tailored for specific industry sectors.

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#3. U.S. Bank Branch

The U.S bank branch in Colorado also falls among the banks offering one of the best services in the state of Colorado

Hence, the U.S. bank has several branches throughout Colorado, making it easy for customers to access their banking services. The bank also offers a wide range of financial products, including checking and savings accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, and investments.

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#4. Bank of The West

Looking for another prominent bank to try out in Colorado? Then check out the Bank of the West.

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Thus, to its banking services, the Bank of the West supports the local community through its charitable giving and volunteer programs. The bank is committed to supporting local organizations and non-profits that focus on improving education, economic development, and the arts.

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#5. Bank of Colorado

We can not list the best banks in Colorado and exempt the state-operating bank, The Bank of Colorado. This banking institution also offers tremendous banking services while they also employ trending technologies in their banking systems.

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#6. First Bank

First Bank is one of the premier banks in Colorado, known for its exceptional customer service and wide range of financial products and services. From personal banking to commercial lending and wealth management, First Bank has the expertise and resources to help individuals and businesses of all sizes achieve their financial goals. With a strong commitment to the communities it serves and a history of stability and growth, First Bank is a trusted choice for those looking for a reliable and reputable bank in Colorado.

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#7. Bank of America

Bank of America is a leading financial institution in Colorado, offering a wide range of banking, investment, and lending services to customers throughout the state. With a strong presence in the region and a commitment to providing superior service and support, Bank of America is widely recognized as one of the best banks in Colorado.

Whether you’re looking for a checking or savings account, a mortgage, or assistance with your business’s financial needs, Bank of America has the resources and expertise to help you reach your goals. Additionally, Bank of America is known for its mobile banking and online banking facilities, where clients can manage their accounts from anywhere.

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#8. Zions Bank

Zions Bank is a highly respected financial institution in Colorado, known for its commitment to providing superior service and a wide range of products and services to customers throughout the state.

The bank offer personal banking, business banking, and wealth management services, and is known for its local approach to banking which have endeared it to communities in Colorado. Zions Bank has a long history of stability and growth, and a reputation for being a reliable and reputable choice for individuals and businesses alike. With a wide network of branches and ATMs, it offers accessibility and convenience for it’s customers.

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#9. Alpine Bank

Alpine Bank is a highly rated community bank in Colorado, known for its strong financial performance and exceptional customer service. It’s considered as one of the top banks in the state.

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#10. Key Bank

Key Bank is a top-performing bank in Colorado, offering a wide range of financial products and services to its customers. With strong financial stability and a commitment to providing excellent customer service, it is considered one of the best banks in the state.

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What Is The Biggest Credit Union In Colorado?

The Credit Unions are essential parts of the banking sectors also providing even more interesting services. While in the state of Colorado a singular credit union has stood as the best credit Union institutions overtime. Hence, for the fourth consecutive year, Ent Credit Union has stood as the top-ranked credit union in Colorado, and one of the best credit unions in America as stated by Forbes. 

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Meanwhile, the Ent. Credit Union Founded in 1957 belongs to a member-owned credit union with a passion for people, not for profit. The Ent Credit Union has over $8+ billion in assets and over 420,000 owner-members across more than 40 convenient Front Range locations. Thus, Ent is Colorado’s largest credit union.

Frequently Asked Questions About Banks in Colorado

What is the most popular bank in Colorado?

From the chart above, Wells Fargo appears as the most popular bank in Colorado. Also having the most branches in over 50 cities throughout the state.

Which bank has the most branches in Colorado?

Wells Fargo has over 125 branches operating throughout Colorado, having over 100 locations in the Front Range area.

Is it better to bank with credit union or bank?

Credit unions likely offers more lower-cost services and better interest rate options for both loans and deposits. However banks provide more services and products, in addition to more advanced technologies. So you choose according to your need.


Operating banks in Colorado offers great services in other to measure up to world standard banking systems. Therefore, they try as much in their individual capacity to offer good customer services. Meanwhile looking for the best serving banks in Colorado, feel free to select from the list we’ve provided herein.

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