15 Online C++ Courses 2023

As technology advances, the need for programmers who are skilled in specific programming languages will continue to grow. Although there are numerous programming languages available, some have stood the test of time, such as C++. Programmers who possess a good understanding of C++ are in high demand. So, we have provided a list of the top 15 Online C++ Courses to aid your programming growth.

If you can’t afford to study C++ at a university, don’t worry, because you can learn it for free online. In this article, we’ll be discussing free and paid online C++ classes. These courses range from beginner to advanced levels, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.


Furthermore, in this article, we discussed about C++ and listed the top 15 free online c++ courses you can apply for in 2023.

What is C++?

C++ is a programming language that is used for a variety of purposes. It was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs in the 1980s and is similar to the earlier programming language C. In fact, C++ is so compatible with C that it can run almost all C programs without any changes.

While C++ shares some similarities with C, it is a more structured and secure language because of its object-oriented programming approach. Unlike programming languages that are designed for specific purposes, such as Java for controlling appliances or C for operating systems, C++ is a general-purpose language.

C++ is often referred to as the “Swiss Pocket Knife of Languages” because of its versatility and usefulness in various applications. Despite its complexity, mastering C++ can open up many opportunities in the field of programming

Why Should I Learn C++?

C++ has stood the test of time and is still a widely used programming language. Despite newer languages like Java and Python, C++ remains popular among game developers and those who create complex applications.

Learning C++ is essential if you want to pursue a career in software development, front-end development, or web app development. It’s also responsible for a lot of software, including the browser you’re currently using. If you want to construct productivity tools, desktop games, or complex programs that interact with your computer’s hardware, you’ll need to know C++.

Moreover, mastering C++ can pave the way for learning other programming languages in the future. One advantage of studying C++ that people often overlook is that it can give you an edge over those who have given up on it. The language has a steep learning curve that requires perseverance and the ability to cope with frustration. Many students abandon it before fully mastering it, making it a skill that only a few people are truly proficient in

Who Should Learn C++?

C++ is a vast programming language that requires a lot of coding. To learn it, you need to grasp multiple concepts and perform complex activities simultaneously. That’s why it’s essential to be passionate about learning C++.

Forcing yourself to learn something is not sustainable in the long run. If you don’t have an immediate interest in it, it won’t be the optimal learning path for you.

C++ is suitable for students who have a strong interest in programming and can handle multiple tasks simultaneously. To excel as a C++ student, you need problem-solving skills, patience, and perseverance.

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15 Online C++ Courses

#1. Introduction to Programming in C++

If you’re interested in learning C++, taking a course can be a great way to get started. One such course is the Programming and Data Structures MicroBachelors program’s first course, which covers the essentials of programming in C++.

The course is set to start on July 29th and has a fee of $332. While the cost may seem steep, it’s worth noting that this is a comprehensive course that covers a lot of ground. Additionally, the course is self-paced, which means you can complete it whenever you have the time. This flexibility makes it easy to fit into your schedule, whether you’re a full-time student or a working professional

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#2. Advanced Programming in C++

This course is an advanced version of the course mentioned previously and offers a more comprehensive and sophisticated treatment of the topics covered. In this course, you will delve deeper into the concepts of programming and explore various advanced programming subjects that are crucial to mastering the C++ programming language.

By the end of this class, you will have acquired an in-depth understanding of functions, computation complexity, arrays, and strings. You will have the skills and knowledge needed to develop efficient and robust programs that can handle complex data structures and solve real-world problems

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#3. Introduction to Data Structures

This course focuses solely on Data Structures and offers comprehensive coverage of the topic in the context of C++ programming. By participating in this course, you will gain a complete understanding of Data Structures in C++.

By the end of the course, you will have learned how to use structures and classes in software projects, gaining a basic understanding of object-oriented programming. You will also be able to develop executable applications that include inheritance and polymorphism using object-oriented programming approaches.

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#4. Learning C++ (LinkedIn Learning)

This comprehensive C++ course covers all the essential topics that you need to know in just two and a half hours. It provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to set up your coding environment, write your first simple program, manage variables and arrays, and control flow using conditionals and loops. Additionally, it teaches you how to define functions and use data structures, among other essential concepts.

The course offers several practice questions to reinforce your understanding and enhance your learning experience. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a verified certificate of completion that you can use to showcase your newly acquired skills.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to try the course for free for one month before committing to it.

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#5. C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners (Udemy)

In this 18-hour online course, you’ll start by learning how to set up your IDE and understand basic grammar. You’ll then move on to more advanced topics such as subroutines, object-oriented programming, pointers, memory, and inheritance.

The C++ tutorial is free, but if you want a certificate of completion and interaction with the instructor, you’ll have to pay a small fee.

Overall, it’s one of the most complete and thorough online C++ courses available.

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#6. Beginning C++ Programming – From Beginner to Beyond (Udemy)

If you’re interested in learning C++, then enrolling in a well-structured and comprehensive course can be an excellent option. One such course is available online, and it promises to take you through a proven C++ curriculum that covers everything from the basics to more advanced topics.

In this course, you’ll start with fundamental concepts like grammar, variables, loops, functions, and conditionals. The course provides a solid foundation for beginners to understand the syntax and structure of the language. You’ll then move on to more advanced topics, such as Standard Template Library (STL) and Object-Oriented Programming. This will help you to create more complex and efficient programs that can handle real-world applications

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#7. C++ for C Programmers, Part A (Coursera)

. If you happen to fall into this category and are interested in learning C++, then you’ll be pleased to know that a Coursera course has been specifically designed to meet your needs. This course is aimed at individuals who are already proficient in C and are looking to build upon their existing knowledge to develop a strong foundation in C++. By taking this course, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the nuances of C++ in a structured and comprehensive manner. You’ll also be able to leverage the insights and expertise of experienced instructors, who will guide you through the process of mastering this powerful language. So if you’re eager to take your programming skills to the next level, this Coursera course is an excellent choice.

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#8. Advanced C++ (edX)

In just four weeks, with only four hours of effort per week, this course covers advanced C++ mechanics, including exceptions, object iterators, templates, classes, design patterns, and much more. You can access the course materials for free, but if you want a certificate of completion, you’ll need to pay a fee at the end of the course.

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#9. C++: From Beginner to Expert (Udemy)

This comprehensive course is ideal for beginners to intermediate level learners who are looking to expand their knowledge of programming with C++. In this 15-hour course, you will start by learning the basics of C++, including conditionals, files, structures, loops, and functions. As you progress through the course, you will delve into more sophisticated topics such as pointers, exceptions, classes, STL, and much more.

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By paying for the course, you will receive full lifetime access to the materials, enabling you to study at your own pace and revisit the content as often as you like. Additionally, you will receive a substantial 93% discount on the original price of the course, making it an affordable and accessible option for anyone looking to expand their programming knowledge. Whether you are a hobbyist, a student, or a professional, this course will provide you with a solid foundation in C++ and equip you with the skills you need to tackle more complex programming challenges.

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#10. Level Up Your C++ Skills (Pluralsight)

This 15-hour course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of C++ programming for learners at the beginner-to-intermediate level. The course covers a broad range of topics, starting with the basics such as conditionals, files, structures, loops, and functions.

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#11. Learn C++ (Codecademy)

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to C++ programming, covering essential topics such as variables, conditionals, logic, loops, vectors, functions, classes, objects, pointers, and much more. The course consists of eight sections, each containing up to 20 hours of informative and engaging material.

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#12. C++ Design Patterns: Creational (LinkedIn Learning)

This concise two-and-a-half-hour course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of C++ creational design patterns. Throughout the course, participants will learn the fundamentals of design patterns, how to run them, and how to implement them in C++.

In addition to covering the basics, the course delves into the specifics of different creational patterns, allowing participants to compare and contrast different approaches and gain a deeper understanding of how to apply them in real-world programming contexts.

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#13. Become a C++ Developer (Udacity)

If you’re already comfortable with coding and looking to take your programming skills to the next level, this course is an excellent place to start. In this course, you will learn how to program at a high-performance level, allowing you to create complex software such as video games, operating systems, robotics software, and even code for self-driving cars.

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#14. C++ Game Programming (LinkedIn Learning)

By participating in this online C++ class, you will learn how to build a game loop, make decisions, manipulate game objects, pause and restart the game, add sound effects, implement the HUD (heads-up display), and much more. This beginner-level C++ game programming course is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in game development using C++.

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Throughout the 6-hour course, participants will learn the basics of game development, including game design principles, game mechanics, and programming concepts. They will also have the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge by building a simple game from scratch.

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#15. Object-Oriented Data Structures in C++ (Coursera)

Mastering the art of creating complex and efficient data structures using C++ is a skill that can open many doors in your programming career. If you’re interested in taking your programming skills to the next level and learning how to design and implement advanced data structures, then this course is the perfect choice for you.

In this course, you will learn how to create complex data structures efficiently using C++. You’ll start by learning the basics of data structures, such as arrays, linked lists, and trees, and then move on to more advanced topics such as graphs, hashing, and dynamic programming.

Throughout the course, you will work on real-world programming projects, giving you hands-on experience designing and implementing complex data structures.

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FAQs Online C++ Courses

What Careers Can I Pursue by Mastering C++?

Despite other programming languages overtaking C++ in recent years, those who are skilled in C++ still have promising career prospects. It’s almost a requirement for IT candidates to be familiar with it, and those who are proficient in C++ can expect to fill positions in:

How Long Do Online C++ Courses Free Last?

There are C++ classes available that can last from a few hours to several weeks, depending on your preferences. Each course on our list is self-paced, making it easy to fit into your schedule and complete whenever you have the time. The suggested start and stop times are merely suggestions.

What jobs can I get after learning C++?

  • Junior Programmer.
  • Senior Programmer.
  • Software Developer.
  • Software Developer Engineer.
  • Quality Analyst.
  • Game Programmer.
  • C++ Analyst.
  • Programming Architect.

Does Python or C++ pay more?

Based on information from Indeed, C++ developers earn an average annual salary of $117,000, while Python developers earn an average of $109,000 per year. While these figures are subject to variation based on individual circumstances, it is generally expected that the highest-paid C++ developers will earn more than the highest-paid Python developers.


If you’re new to programming and still taking your baby steps in the programming “sphere”, then C++ is definitely worth exploring. It may take some effort and dedication to learn, but the skills and knowledge gained from learning this programming language can be invaluable.

One of the great things about C++ is that you can learn all about it from the comfort of your home or while working another job. There are countless online resources and courses available, including the free online C++ class that we mentioned earlier.

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