Top Indian Crypto Exchanges: How They Work

There are already more than a hundred cryptocurrency exchanges in India, and the Indian cryptocurrency industry is worth more than $4 billion. Some of these companies are centered on trading a particular currency, whereas others are centered on trading many cryptocurrencies. In this piece, we’ll have a glance at the most popular and top Indian crypto exchanges and their characteristics.

In any case, let’s get a quick rundown of what Indian cryptocurrency exchanges are, and the advantages they may provide to their customers.


What Is A Crypto Exchange?

In addition to gold, crypto is gaining traction among the millennial population due to its attractive returns and advantages. Investors in India need to choose a cryptocurrency exchange and set up a third-party online wallet to store their digital currencies before they can make any purchases of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. An investor in the exchange must open a trading account with a designated exchange service. An investor’s bank account must be associated with the account. Using an exchange to purchase cryptocurrency is a simple and secure option. You should contribute to the portfolio only after thoroughly understanding all of the security protocols.

Cryptocurrency transactions completed on exchanges are instant. You can trade them for conventional currency, or you can purchase or sell them online. For the most part, these markets are open around the clock.

Indian Crypto Exchanges (Overview)

Over the past few years, India has emerged as a leading center for crypto exchanges and investing. According to statistics based on a worldwide study, the country is one of the top 5 nations to integrate digital assets due to the success of the local cryptocurrency market.

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In addition, cryptocurrency tokens have become a trendy present due to their increasing demand. Why not try something new this Diwali and give away digital assets as presents?

However, before making a cryptocurrency donation, you should do your due diligence and choose a reputable cryptocurrency exchange. Investors prefer trustworthy and user-friendly exchanges with cheap transaction fees. It is possible to make cryptocurrency gifts and get recommendations on which asset is doing well on some of the best cryptocurrency tradings In India. It’s possible that investing in or receiving cryptocurrency as a present would be fruitful and prosperous because Diwali is a celebration that celebrates the arrival of good health, good fortune, and good fortune in gifts.

Top Indian Crypto Exchanges (How They Work)

The most important Indian cryptocurrency exchanges are outlined below.

#1. Coinbase Global  

One of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase Global serves customers in dozens of countries, including India. The goal of the platform is to create a more equitable, efficient, and approachable cryptocurrency economy. The cryptocurrency trading platform boasts over a hundred million registered members, 14,500 organizations, and network partners from all corners of the globe. Most newcomers to the cryptocurrency market start with this platform because of its reputation for reliability and security.  

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#2. CoinDCX  

CoinDCX is a one-of-a-kind and widely used digital currency exchange in India. It offers low trading fees and supports more than 200 different cryptocurrencies. Additionally, futures trading and 20x leverage are both possible on CoinDCX. UPI and IMPS, two of the simplest payment methods, are also supported. The major problem, however, is that at present, the site only supports CoinDCX as a FIAT currency.

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#3. CoinSwitch Kuber  

CoinSwitch Kuber has been promoting heavily in recent IPL games, so you may have noticed it. There are thousands of diverse cryptocurrencies available for trading, and the site boasts the best trading prices in the industry. In the program, traders may verify their identities with their contact information and establish an account to buy and sell digital assets. However, CoinSwitch does not permit crypto trading for clients who have not finished their KYC procedure. 

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#4. Zebpay 

 When it comes to the cryptocurrency market in India, Zebpay is among the most trusted and well-known exchange apps out there. Users can sign up and submit their Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements via their mobile phone numbers and then begin trading immediately. The site also supports a referral program called “refer-and-earn,” wherein current users can earn a portion of the transaction fees derived from their contacts for up to a year simply by inviting them to join Zebpay and encouraging Bitcoin trading.

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#5. Binance

Binance is a leading cryptocurrency exchange in India and the world. Thus, Binance India provides a wide range of services, including trading, derivatives, earning through lockers or liquidity farm schemes, loans, and NFTs, as well as buying and selling cryptocurrencies with INR. Two-factor authentication, an offsite cold chain for the majority of assets, and constant monitoring are just some of the safeguards built into the platform.

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#6. Unocoin 

Unocoin was one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in India, having launched in 2013. An investor can purchase, sell, and trade on this exchange, and it supports over-the-counter bulk trading, automated selling, and systematic purchasing. Since Unocoin abides by the existing restrictions enforced by the Indian authorities, investors are required to provide their private information for security reasons.

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#7. WazirX

While the crypto market sleeps, WazirX has decided to lay off nearly 40% of its workforce. However, one of the main draws of WazirX is the opportunity to win coins by taking part in various contests that are publicized within the app’s information area.

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#8. Bitbns  

Bitbns promotes cryptocurrency as the future of currency and offers an intuitive interface that can be used to trade many different types of cryptocurrency. The 2FA security mechanism is also applied to Bitbns to deal with intricate privacy concerns.

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#9. BuyUcoin India  

More than a hundred different cryptocurrencies that have been validated are available on BuyUcoin India, making it a highly flexible crypto exchange. It provides top-notch support and lets users purchase, sell, and exchange currencies with a straightforward interface.  

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#10. Paxful  

Paxful, which debuted in 2015, is a respected online marketplace and crypto exchange wallet platform where stocks are traded, transferred, and spend on a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. They are the best cryptocurrency exchange in India, and they operate on a global scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions Top Indian Crypto Exchanges

How exactly do crypto exchanges in India function?

What is the process behind cryptocurrency trades?

You can buy cryptocurrency on a crypto exchange with regular fiat currency, and you might also be free to trade one cryptocurrency for another. It’s possible to get your crypto exchanged back into fiat, keep it in an account for subsequent trades, or even cash it out entirely.

Can I exchange my cryptocurrency for Indian rupees?

In this way, you can use a cryptocurrency exchange network. First on our list of options for converting cryptocurrencies to Indian rupees is using an exchange service, such as WazirX.


Exchanges are like brokerages and means by which the retail investor can get into the financial markets. Every cryptocurrency exchange offers avenues for trading, investing, and many others. Much has been said about the functionalities of the Indian exchanges and their special qualities.

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